CAPCOM's Itsuno: We're All Really Happy We Are Doing This Well, We Have to Keep All This Going

Hideaki Itsuno said that everyone at CAPCOM is really happy the company is doing this well after Monster Hunter World and Resident Evil 2. He added that now they have to keep going with Devil May Cry 5 and beyond.

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ccgr1937d ago

They've definitely released some gems

SuperSonic911937d ago

Congraturations to great comeback to Capcomebackers!!!!
Happy days ahead!

robtion1936d ago

Yep great news. I'm just worried about things I am hearing about microtransactions in DMC5.

That's the kind of thing that may prevent me buying it even though I have been a fan since the original on ps2 which was pretty mind blowing at the time of release.

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DVAcme1937d ago

The rumor mill has been pointing hard at an RE3 remake, and it should be a snap to make. The engine's already made, as well as a big chunk of the game itself on account of sharing so many assets with RE2.

But jeez, if Mister X was scary, Nemesis would make me die by anal dehydration, lol.

neutralgamer19921936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I think it will happen and now that the engine is there I think it will be done sooner

What would be interesting is let's say RE3 is remade would they actually remake RE4? The reason I ask is because the remastered version has been available on every major platform

Sirk7x1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

They might eventually, but I don't really see it being viable for another 5 years or so. Perhaps for its 20th anniversary. The gameplay in that game is still just too damn good, and it's far removed from the original storyline anyways. The only thing really to do is streamline the inventory management, and improve the graphics. The cheesy B action movie storyline was intentional. The game still managed to scare and unsettle, but it was never survival horror.

paintedgamer19841936d ago

I would love re4 to get the same treatment re2 did. A complete reimaging of the game but in a way thats modern and more accesable to other gamers.


RE3, 1 and Code Veronica. Will be complete.

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jbull1937d ago

Hopefully they build on this momentum and go with:
Onimusha remake
Resident Evil Nemesis
Resident Evil Code Veronica
Dino Crisis
Dragons Dogma 2

DVAcme1937d ago

"Dragon's Dogma 2"

*******ATOMIC FISTBUMP********

DuckOnQuack351937d ago

Triple Atomic Fistbump for Dragons Dogma 2

CaitSith1936d ago

Eh, first one was pretty bad, in my opinion. Combat was good, everything else...

blady_man1936d ago (Edited 1936d ago )

I would love a dino crisis remake!! That game was awesomo!!

Sirk7x1936d ago

Dino Crisis remake would be AWESOME. Onimusha HD is pretty great on Switch, been playing that. Dragon's Dogma coming to that platform as well.