Why It's Not Clear 'Anthem' Or 'Apex Legends' Can Take EA Out Of This Tailspin

EA stock is sliding after a rough earnings report, but Q4 titles Anthem and Apex Legends have their own issues when it comes to potential revenue, even if the quality is there.

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Tsuru38d ago

Most of this new article is out of date. Dated for wednesday. Already at 10+ million users. And growing, and number 1 game on twitch with no stop in sight.

PapaBop38d ago

Well it'd be ironic if it was Apex considering EA supposedly had nothing to do with it's development. Regardless though, the last 16 months should have hopefully humbled EA a fair bit, I guess that's what they get for years of anti consumer practices.. nobody trusts them anymore.

sampsonon38d ago

it's like you're talking about a real person. you care this much?

Obscure_Observer38d ago

I´ve been telling fanboys for quite some time, now. Most gamers don´t care about the EA´s hate bandwagon!

Respawn is an amazing studio and i´m sure its Star Wars game is gonna be awesome!

Apocalypse Shadow38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

Translation: a lot of gamers are ignorant of EA's machinations and just buy their products religiously. Never knowing that the choices they make actually removes the very idea of choice when the company monopolizes a license like football or start wars so that no other company can compete against them.

Yeah. Respawn is a good developer. Even if they weren't with EA.

Obscure_Observer37d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow

You cry, i play. Is simply as that. ;)

Apocalypse Shadow37d ago

Fools are born every minute. Seems EA commands an army full of them.

When companies like EA and Microsoft ruin traditional, dedicated gaming, we'll know what fools were responsible for it. Keep burying your head in the sand.

shammgod37d ago

You’re part of the problem

Obscure_Observer37d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow

"When companies like EA and Microsoft ruin traditional, dedicated gaming, we'll know what fools were responsible for it. Keep burying your head in the sand."

Whatever you say, dude. You can´t fool me. You can go on pretending that you care about gaming when in reality all you care is about your hate. You can pretend that Sony is different from Microsoft and EA while ignoring the FACT that Sony lied about MTs on Gran Turismo, that Naughty Dog had Pay To Win on both Uncharted and Tlou MP modes.

So i can´t wait to see your pathetic faces and lame excuses when the next GaaS game from Sony hit the shelves!

I can´t never get enough of fanboy´s hypocrisy.

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Profchaos38d ago (Edited 38d ago )

EA blame everyone but themselves they blamed bfvs disappointing sales on the inclusion of single player and the lack of br on launch and not the don't like it don't buy it bullying they gave the fans prior to launch

GameBoyColor38d ago

Apex deserves to be a success, not to pull out ea from under their rock but to finally give respawn a time to shine after being robbed by their own publisher last time.

sampsonon38d ago

if anything Legends will. solid game

Profchaos38d ago

I don't think that anthem will be the revival for each that EA seems to think it will be after playing the beta the gameplay feels dated it feels like we already played the game before and the story or dialogue was not you to bioware standards in my opinion.

Plus the Reval was so much better than what was delivered the Reval showed this seemles intergattion into an open world but the demo gave us load screens and launch pads not like the reveal which showed the protagonist jumping off the marketplace platform into a level with zero load time it was already based in the level

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