Bulletstorm: The Best Shooter You’ve Never Played

BY BRENDEN SHEA: The first-person shooter has been a staple of the gamer diet since the early days of Doom and its Wolfenstein predecessors. Over the years, it has seen more than its fair share of excellent entries. From Quake, to Half-life, to Halo and beyond, shooters and their frenetic energy have kept people coming back for more. Now, shooters are more refined than ever before, but in recent years we’ve had some decidedly old-school bashers come along and revive the older style of games like Quake, not the least of which is the most recent Doom.

But there’s another game that had a similar style of frantic, knee-jerk shooter reaction, and that was Bulletstorm. Now, with the release of the Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition on PlayStation 4, it was time for me to go back and revisit this old, oft-forgotten classic. And boy, is it a classic.

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KingOfArcadia1462d ago

Ah, Bulletstorm. The only game I have ever heard the word 'cocksucker' in, which was during a cutscene in the first 30 minutes or so. The gameplay was pretty fun, but the dialogue must have been written by a bunch of pre-teens who think swearing like a sailor is 'hip' and 'edgy'.

purple1011462d ago

For this reason I'm going to play it was free on PS Plus last month I have it in my download queue! (so I haven't missed it... Just not agreed to download it yet.. For space saving)

Majin-vegeta1462d ago

Last month?Try nov 2018😂

UltraNova1461d ago

So its like Duke Nukem? Count me in.

SickSinceSix1461d ago

There's an actual Duke Nukem dlc so you can play as him instead. Everyone else keeps the same dialogue but Duke has different lines than the original character.

I wonder if they'll ever do a full remake of Duke Nukem 3D or a soft reboot of the series like DOOM got, ignoring the original two Duke side scrollers.

bigmalky1461d ago

You've never played a CoD, Operation Flashpoint, Suda51 or GTA game? From the Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer, I think that will be full of similar insults too.

There's plenty of games with expletives such as that in them.

spicelicka1461d ago

I think dicktits was in there as well loll

purple1011462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

Majin - That's what I said *caugh*

PhantomS421461d ago

I played it when it originally released and it was garbage, played the remaster and it's still awful. So no.

Ricegum1461d ago

Good on you bud. You sure showed them.

cyber_daemonx1461d ago

It's actually a great game and underrated and made a nice change from all the brown military shooters from last gen.

spicelicka1461d ago

I played it when it first came out and it was awesome!

pyroxxx1461d ago

I think a lot of people played it,.. It was actually free with PS plus,.. Game is OK,.. some Serious Sam vibes,.. but nothing really special.

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The story is too old to be commented.