How Crash Team Racing Challenged Mario Kart and Made Naughty Dog What It Is Today

USGamer looks back on the kart racing hit with Naughty Dog's co-founders and Crash Team Racing's lead artist.

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naruga626d ago

original CTR was far superior to Mario Kart 64 in every way....though rcent remake is not in any way at the same standards as Mario Kart 8 ...recent remake is just the original thrown into a new graphic engine editor without any real artistic talent behind it

Platformgamer626d ago

mario kart 8 deluxe doesn't hold a candle to original crash team racing, so is not even close to be better than the remake

PurpHerbison626d ago

CTR and MK64 are pretty much on the same exact level. Had insane amounts of fun with both. For me, the thing that gives CTR an edge is the story mode.

specialguest625d ago

CTR was far superior than MK64?? ........ BwahahahhAHAHHAAHH!!!!! get out of here! No really. Get gone! LOL

Araragifeels 626d ago (Edited 626d ago )

I am still waiting Unkarted ;)

DrumBeat625d ago

Strong Woman Nadine would have the best stats.

no_more_heroes626d ago

even though it took just as much inspiration from Diddy Kong Racing?

Relientk77626d ago

CTR is still my favorite racing game ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.