Apex Legends Reaches 10 Million Players, 1 Million Concurrent Player Count

Apex Legends has become one of the most popular games, despite only be around 1 week old. Leaked and revealed last week Respawn Entertainment's free-to-play battle royale title has soared in player count, now reaching 10 million players and 1 million concurrent.

Jin_Sakai1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

“Apex Legends Reaches 10 Million Players, 1 Million Concurrent Player Count”

Congrats to Respawn. They did an amazing job and launching the game out of nowhere worked.

This is how you do a Battle Royale game. The ping system is one of the best systems ever. It really helps your team out.

spicelicka1693d ago

That's the craziest part. The amount of money they saved on marketing was probably as much as the game's budget itself.


Apex couldnt have come out at a better time... fortnite/pubg is so played out, blackout is still fresh but there seemed to be a lull in the market. Whether or not they can sustain these number, only time will tell

badz1491693d ago

IF they keep this up and EA keep their hands off it for the most part other than collecting revenue from it, maybe we can finally see something making Epic shakes in their boots

kevnb1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

They should send some of these guys over to dice to help them fix their netcode.

Christopher1693d ago

Or perhaps at least fix sight issues when people lay on their backs.

Majin-vegeta1693d ago

They're stil working on that and visibility in general

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tdogg060519911693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

The game is great but it's the promotion mixed with Good game mechanics that pushed this game to the top. EA threw a lot of money since day 1 on promotion with Sony and Microsoft. They also have continuous factoids and interviews to keep promoting this game through a lot of venues. A great game can do wonders with great promotion.

djl34851692d ago

What promotion? It was literally announced and released the same day.

tdogg060519911691d ago

This was posted and plastered all over PlayStation Facebook and Microsofts Facebook. Now only that they continue to drip feed random facts like lgbtq characters, working on it for the past two years etc.

gangsta_red1693d ago

Looks like the BR genre isn't too crowded as a lot of people thought.

Great decision from Respawn to make a game like this.