Why everyone is tired of EA's bulls**t

"EA has proven time and time again that it’s a company that is solely focused on money. With highly anticipated games being shut down (Amy Hennig Star Wars), beloved franchises laying dormant (Command and Conquer), and EA games being riddled with micro-transaction BS, it’s no secret why EA is known for being one of the worst companies ever." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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isarai475d ago

Does it even need explanation? i feel like if you've tried to put any considerable time into any of their major releases in the past 5yrs you'd know why.

I mean honestly ever since the original launch of Burnout paradise and Mirrors edge they started getting on my nerves cramming MP into everything, cutting off %20 of the game just to sell it back to you as DLC, online passes (remember that shitshow) obsessive amounts of hand holding in their games, everything looking like they were made from the same art bible with carbon fiber galore, and now it's the era of shitty micro transactions and blatant disrespect for it's consumers. The only reason they continue to make money is off their name alone, we're finally starting to see even that start to fall apart.

InTheZoneAC473d ago

to be fair Burnout Paradise was a complete game the my favorite in the series. And Mirrors Edge was also a great game.

isarai473d ago

Agreed, was suggesting that was the last games from them that just felt complete and didnt annoy me with their BS

The Wood473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

Loved that game.. . The music the settings the guys voice (narrator). . . Fun times

Godmars290473d ago

But then there was the 5 minutes loading time and menu navigation because the game looked for a connection whether you were online or not.

FanboysKiller473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

You forgot to mention moh, crysis, black and dragon age.

KillZallthebeast473d ago

It also got a free expansion as well later on

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TiredandRetired473d ago (Edited 473d ago )

"EA Sports. It's in the game ...wait, no it's not. You can buy it in our gutted dlc and needless ingame currency though."

"EA Games. Challenge everything. Especially our customers. Don't like it? Don't buy it. ...oh sh**, you guys actually didn't. It must have been the single player campaign. We'll gut that next time."

473d ago
Muzikguy473d ago

I'm so glad that people are starting to wise up to these practices.EA has been horrible for the industry with the way they've handled games for almost 2 generations now. BF4 was my last game published by them. Ubisoft too. After Watch Dogs I gave up on them. What they've been doing with MTs and selling unfinished games or throwing MP into everything tells me they really don't know what consumers want. Or maybe they're thinking if they tell us what we want enough times that we will believe them. Sorry, but I'm old enough to know that games weren't always this way nor do they have to be. I'm glad there are companies out there that at least take pride in their work. They will continue to get my money

EricLane473d ago

Battlefield is my favorite franchise and it is so disappointing to see what is happening to it. It was the only MP shooter I enjoyed playing... My favorite multiplayer hobby is now kaput.... I'm not angry. Just disappointed.

473d ago
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Relientk77474d ago

Loot boxes, microtransactions, pay 2 win crap, and focusing on multiplayer, while sacrificing single player

Definitely sick of EA.

GtPawnSacrifices474d ago

Feel exactly the same.
I’d prefer to pay an upfront & one off cost, & have everything unlockable through progression.
Giving us a fair and level game.

rainslacker472d ago

I really don't even care if they do all the loot boxes, or MT, or P2W, or even focusing on MP, it's that they always, without fail, try to make it out like it's a benefit for the consumer, or in demand by the consumer, or the only way they can manage to release a game because they act like it's impossible to make these games without an excessive amount of revenue coming in from the returns.

If they want to implement those things....although I'm on the fence about loot boxes...then just do it, and say it's because you want to maximize revenue. Don't try to make it seem like it's something good or necessary.

Further, they need to stop trying to act like they're going to get better, and just admit they want to do service based games with the least amount of effort put into their development as possible. For years, they've said how they want to do better, yet they always end up doing worse than we could really imagine.

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Knightofelemia474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

Killing franchises shutting down studios wrecking a franchise for fans loot boxes and microtransactions . The signs sure tell me why people are tired of EA and their bullshit.

BLAKHOODe474d ago

And then we have Apex Legends. Right now, it's all Respawn, but you know EA is already getting ideas with it's sudden success. It won't be long before they screw it up.

1-pwnsause-1473d ago

thats the problem, its a vicious cycle. Apex Legends is actually pretty good, people are going to fall for their BullS**t again, EA usually does this once in a while. EA is so out of touch they're gonna think, "OH ThATs WhAT thEY wANT AnOTHer BATTle ROYAAALLLLEEE" and keep making these live services that we dont want.

EricLane473d ago

Absolutely right. I don't tuch F2P games personally. I want to spend my money upfront and own my content but it is getting harder and harder to do.

annoyedgamer473d ago

Battledifled is done now for sure because of this.

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