What BioWare/EA need to do to maintain Anthem past launch

Robin G. of Gaming Access Weekly outlines what additional content BioWare and EA should add to Anthem to support the game post-launch.

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SomeBeardy2Love42d ago

God I hope this game lasts! I had so much fun.

Michiel198942d ago

I hope so as well, Im gonna wait a couple of weeks after release though, to see if shit gets patched/fixed and/or added.

shammgod42d ago

EAs checklist
-restrict content and add later for $
-add micro transactions
-add loot boxes
-wonder why people are pissed

VRex742d ago

truest comment to ever be commented

Erolyn42d ago

What they need is to not have outragous prices for the microtransaction stuff. Which I won't believe until I see it. Stuff like that will save or kill the game.

Avernus42d ago

You mean stuff you don't actually have to buy? Skins that adds nothing to the core gameplay mechanics? You know you can see things, and say "nope, not for me" right? Buy it, don't buy it, no skin of my nose, but people acting like whiteknights over something that's literally optional is hilarious.