What the Eff… is up with Halo 3?

Loot Ninja writes:

"As anyone who plays Halo 3 already knows, or those who enjoy staying up to date with video game news, there have recently been some updates to Halo 3 online. First of all we've been introduced to a new ranking system, which, honestly, I don't understand nor do I see a great reason for it. From the way it's been explained to me, and maybe I'm wrong, by simply gaining experience you will continue to rank up from Recruit to General. If this fact is the case I hate it. I feel that if you are skilled enough to attain a level 50, then you are worthy of becoming a General, if not too bad. It's just like getting the Hayabasu helmet, if you're skilled enough to beat the game on Legendary, then people can see that, but don't allow everyone to become a General for playing a massive amount of multiplayer. After a while there is going to be an overabundance of General's, and that annoys me. I like being able to look at not only a player's skill level, but their overall rank, to determine whether or not I'm going to get pwnd."

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morganfell4654d ago

It's like those T-ball games for little kids now where no one loses.

When I was young you played and either smoked the other team or you had your ass beat and went home a loser. Someone decided that was bad for your psychological development and the school of John Wayne child rearing that put tough women and bold men on this planet needed to be replaced with some psycho babble touchy feely crap.

I am not sure who is running Bungie now but they have forgotten that competition is the heart of Multiplayer and this whole feel good flower power hour crap is for the Wii.

Panthers4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

"It's like those T-ball games for little kids now where no one loses."

And parents who constantly tell their kids that they are good at everything so when they go on American Idol and get bashed for being terrible, they have a fit.

Yup, just like COD4 online ranking. It is horrible. You can never go down.

Halo HAD a good ranking system which showed skill level, not how much you play.

JOLLY14654d ago

The ranking that the author is talking about is the per game-type rank. YOu can still go down in rank though. If you are looking for a t-ball ranking system, go try cod4. That ranking sysstem is for people that want to "feel good about themselves." This ranking system bases your score on how many games you have played in that varient of game type. So for instance, you could play 1000 games in lone wolf and only one 100 games. You would have a very low rank. You could then go play some team slayer and win 10 out of 10 and rank up much quicker in that game type. Previously they would count those first 1000 games you played against you and it would take you longer to rank up in a new game-type.

morganfell4654d ago

Did you read what I wrote? I am not looking for Tball ranking systems. I abhor them. And I can't stand COD4.

RemmM4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

Bungie did a horrible job ONCE AGAIN just like Halo 2. I've been playing matchmaking and lost so many team slayer matches because the people I was matched with always SUCKED! Some of the map designs are horrible and the most ANNOYING weapons are the laser cannon, the pistol SUCKS Halo 1 has the best pistol. The sniping in Halo 3 is horrible since its too easy but yet its hard because the 360 controller is just not made for FPS. The thumbsticks sometimes slip. Halo 1 is the best of the Halo series period.

JOLLY14654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

Halo doesn't have one. You are saying that it does. This guys article is incorrect. So, I am just saying that your first little post was pretty pointless in a Halo article.

GMR_PR4654d ago

@ RemmM

So you hate it because you suck. LMAO.

BattleAxe4653d ago

Hayabasu Helmet......................LM AO

WTF is that lol

morganfell4653d ago (Edited 4653d ago )

You must have some kind of supervision. Where did I say that it has a Tball type system? What I am agreeing with is that Bungie did change the ranking system (not the way the article indicated) and it wasn't for the better. I also disagree that HALO1 had the best pistol because it led to many matches just degenerating into pistol sniping and that imbalanced every weapon on the board. That change of doing away with the pistol scope was a smart move.

JOLLY14653d ago (Edited 4653d ago )

"it's like those tball games" (refering to what you....thought....was the scoring system). "I am not sure who is running Bungie now but they have forgotten that competition is the heart of Multiplayer " (refering to what you....thought....was the scoring system). Good try morganfail. Yes, the ranking system is for the better. What is your gametag, so I can see how many games of Halo you have played. Oh let me only play offfline? with a buddy? you only have a silver account? Or just maybe, you have never played it and have no idea how the scoring works.

Benjamin094653d ago

Yes the pistol in the original Halo was awesome but not balanced AT ALL. Jesus, everybody loves that pistol yes, but when you use it as a sniper rifle somethings not right.

morganfell4653d ago (Edited 4653d ago )

morganfail? That is the best you can do? Let me show you what failing is. Here is you failing at calling someone on the carpet:

Whoops. That's a Gold account right there. And that is mine. It isn't the first time people on this board have seen my set up either. What is really great about this picture is the way my 360 controller is plugged into my home theater system so it will charge because the USB ports on that stupid 360 no longer work after I had a RROD over a week ago. It boots up now but is hardly worth it.

Three Xboxes dead from RROD and now my 4th one going into the crapper. Manwhile my PS3 gets played 10 times as much. It handles all my media and it works like a charm. That thing is a technological beast. And that is why I ordered a second one.

Here is something you will learn a hard lesson about. I may talk smack here but I don't make a claim I can't back up. Unlike you that decided to claim I didn't even have a gold account - other people on this board already knew that I did but you stepped right into it - and when you opened your big mouth I shoved an entire humble pie down your throat up to my elbow.

When HALO 3 came out I played about 80-90 games, ranked matches only. After that the community ruined it with screaming kids and idiots that had no idea what team work is. I probably played another 40 games or so sporadically over the last few months. I was actually going to play HALO over a week ago when this 360 went RROD. I powered it down did the HDD removal and reattach process and it boots now but the USB ports do not work.

Last night I was on SOCOM for 3 hours. That latest patch has that game running great. I had continual team work with people I didn't even know. Different game, different mentality, different maturity.

You were wrong about the pistol. It was a small sniper rifle in that first game. And you were wrong about my having a 360, having a Gold account, and running HALO online.

If you want to keep making accusations I can keep embarrassing you...

JOLLY14653d ago

That is some "pretty" handwriting. Lets start with the pistol comment. I never once mentioned the pistol, so calm down. Next, I guess you are too scared to give out your gamertag. I am not some person that is going to send you all kinds of hate mail. I could care less what you prefer. I still don't think you own a 360 or have a gold account. I can go and take a picture of me near a Ferrari Enzo, but that doesn't mean I own one. I could also go over to a friends house of mine to take a picture of a wii with some white paper by it, that doesn't mean I own one. I am guessing your buddy didn't want you giving out his gamertag. Yes kid, you fail

morganfell4653d ago

I love guys like you. No amount of evidence matters. Stop for a second and engage your brain. Do you think my concern about hatemail from you could be the issue? No. A buddy's gamertag? According to you I must live at my 'friends' house for considering the speed with some past responses and pics have appeared. No, you are not thinking. There is another prominent reason I am not giving out that tag. Jesus, whatever happened to common sense on this board.

The last time I was shown a fact on this board I was wrong about, a sales figure, I stepped right up and said in a big post "You know what, I was wrong." That is called maturity and character. That has nothing to do with age though I could probably give you a couple of decades.

Here you are given evidence and you come off like the Bill Clinton of gaming. That's okay. I actually like debating with people I don't agree with. It makes you see things from different points of view. I though you were one of those people.

You know what. I WAS WRONG. Why? Because when someone takes your tact and facts are provided to them and they fly into fits of denial while they evacuate common sense like Ripley opening an airlock then it isn't a debate anymore. It is an exercise in futility. That is when I hit the ignore button. I know the truth. You know the truth (even if you won't admit it) and people on this board on my Xbox Live Friends List - That's right, I game with them - know the truth. Have a nice life.

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FBl4654d ago

It was a failure that left even the most die-hard Halo fans screaming "I want mah money back!".

FBl4654d ago

It took you THIS long to realize how big of a disappointment it is?

PatchMe3604654d ago

Thought most hardcore when back to 2 or stopped playing it all together after the whole secret cheat thing.

GMR_PR4654d ago

"People still play Halo 3?"

Yes and a lo of people i may add, the game is that good.

ambientFLIER4653d ago

Only about 300,000 people on at the same time these days, and a little under a million unique gamertags daily. The fanbase is really shrinking :(

Lyan4654d ago

Hmmm, before even proceeding to the full article the author already lets me know his depth of knowledge pertaining to Halo 3.

"It's just like getting the Hayabasu helmet, if you're skilled enough to beat the game on Legendary, then people can see that"

Not really a big deal, but if your going to state you don't understand the new ranking system, and then proceed to use an example that is inaccurate, then it may just explain why you don't understand the first dilemma.

JOLLY14654d ago

I got the Hyabusa helmet from getting a skull, not from beating the game on Legandary. That dang katana took forever to get though.

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