Steam Video Changes Will Include Video Removal

Some changes are coming to Steam Video, including plans for steam video removal this month TechRaptor has learned, shaking up the Steam store.

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DerekTweed42d ago

What the hell is Steam Video?

TechRaptor41d ago

Steam has videos and a whole video hub that they refer to as Steam Video. And much of it is about to get removed.

DerekTweed41d ago

I read the article but I still don't know what steam video is.

Is it like Youtube?
Is it for posting recordings of games?

TechRaptor41d ago

Replying here since it won't let me reply to your reply. It's for when they sell movies and anime and documentaries on there. There's a whole video hub in the Steam Store there

logotero41d ago

The limit of "reply arms" here in n4g is 2, so you can reply to them but you have to still click "reply" to the original comment (sub-comment in this case) that the other user replied, in this case, your own comment. Not the one you actually want to reply due to the limit. Telling you because it happened to me too, lol.