Cancelled Games We Never Got to Play

Whatever the reason, its always unfortunate to see upcoming games fail. Here are 11 cancelled games we're sad to never get to play.

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milohighclub42d ago

Screw you gamespew with your 1 game per page greed.

Seraphim41d ago

thanks for the heads up. I'll pass on a click...

Two games off top of my head. Starcraft Ghost and Scalebound. I know there's plenty more though. Like Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Agent, etc.

bouzebbal41d ago

The game from Santa Monica from gow3 director got cancelled.. No idea how it looked but the rumors were actually intriguing.. I wanted at least to see one capture


Here is the Santa Monica cancelled game. Some concept arts were leaked back then. It was space game which looked similar to Destiny:

AK9141d ago

Your doing gods work friend

tyler10186841d ago

I wish there was a way to block articles from gamespew and twinfinate. They are some of the worst click bait in gaming!!

Thanks for the heads up!!

darthv7241d ago

I would add True Fantasy Live Online to that list as an honorable mention. The game was finished but the project canceled and it was the only game that Level 5 had made for the og xbox. Everything else they've done was for Nintendo and Sony.

Way to go MS for screwing up the relationship with this JP dev (like you did Scalebound dev Platinum Games).

TheColbertinator41d ago

That was a total downer. What hit it really bad was True Fantasy was being developed in Level 5's golden age.

bouzebbal41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

The Getaway 3... That e3 trailer was so good I have no idea why Sony canned it 😓😓😓

NarutoFox41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Don't worry it'll be back next gen so will Syphon Filter. My source is reliable 80% of the time lol

bondsmx41d ago

Eight days looked so cool in its time. Couldn’t wait to play it on my brand new ps3.

Nacho_Z41d ago

Star Wars and Silent Hills were a shame, the rest I could take them or leave them.

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The story is too old to be commented.