LittleBigPlanet patch hits v1.03, servers up and running

LittleBigPlanet just got a patch update to v1.03 -- the third update this week. What does it do exactly? Well, the major difference with the new patch seems to revolve around the fact that the servers are up. Not only that, but they're actually running smoothly. Looks like whatever LittleBigHiccup that was bothering the online multiplayer mode is now gone. Now go out there and make those silly Sackpeople do silly things.

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pp4655d ago

Patch to the rescue.You can allways count on a patch on the patchstation 3.

NEVMOR4655d ago

Do you practice being a [email protected]#% or were you just born that way?

Danja4654d ago

yup so have M$ pathced "Fable 2" yet ??

They might as well just lauched Gears with a Patch also since it's already riddled with bugs ....

and dont worry the Fallout 3 Patch will arrive shortly also.....LOL

Yoma4654d ago

yes you can. and you make it sounds like it's bad? We all want new features and improvments :)

ultimolu4654d ago


Now can you please go wait for your Flopzooie?

GiantEnemyLobster4654d ago

This game has been out for not even a week and its already on Patch #3?? LMFAO!!!! PATCHSTATION 3 STRIKES AGAIN!!

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Fishy Fingers4655d ago

Excellent. Problem fixed :) Get my copy in a few days, great to know it should be all smooth sailing.

That was an extremely quick fix.

SL1M DADDY4655d ago

And then they have a SOCOM patch out too soon! Boy, this week I am going to be glued to the TV.

See you all on the LBP servers!

butterfinger4655d ago

I'm not surprised that the problem was fixed as quickly as it was. I earned a lot of trophies online 2 days ago while the servers worked for a good amount of time, and my published level was played a few times. I can't wait to get home and keep working towards that platinum trophy:)

Danja4654d ago

Great news....planning on picking up my copy this evening , damn i've been waiting to play this game forever only a couple more hrs..^_^

lodossrage4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

Hey man, what level is yours?

I just got the game. I can't play it yet because like you, I'm at work. But I'd love to play some of the n4g visitor levels.

P.S.- I'm kinda annoyed though. Amazon was supposed to give me a $10 gift certificate for pre ordering LBP. I have LBP, but where is my gift card?

callahan094654d ago

I don't know about anybody else but I haven't had a good connection to LBP yet, and I haven't had any connection at all (not even a crappy laggy one) since Monday night. Including now. Just downloaded the new patch, and it still won't connect. Nothing has changed from my perspective. What the f*ck is up, Media Molecule?

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power0919994654d ago

I was on the servers last night but they were loading a bit slow. Hopefully this fixed it.

OFFTOPIC: If anyone would like to swap a Nariko costume code, for the 3 GoW costumes hit me up. I would like to trade to give it to my wife as a gift.

killer_trap4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

i just finished a 4 hour online marathon. i never played anything like this game, my mouth is actually hurting cause i was smiling the whole 4 hours.

and those user created level are amazing, wow i wish i can be that creative.

Silogon4654d ago

I played some of the most incredible user gen levels late last night. There was one that had everything blacked out in the foreground, shdow-like, and the background was orangish yellow, and the whole thing was engulfed in flames... It was a sight to see. I can't remember the name of it, though.

Easily better than many of the MM levels.

Fishy Fingers4654d ago

Heart your favourite levels, you'll never lose them again, plus you'll help someone good build notoriety and trophies.

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