Sea of Thieves Monthly Active Users Doubled After Last Update

It’s no secret that Sea of Thieves has been promoted with Xbox One/PC crossplay at the forefront – though with crossplay opt-out options looming, players have started wondering how much of an effect this will have on the server population, particularly for PC players. According to Rare’s Executive Producer Joe Neate, not much.

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Jin_Sakai986d ago

Doesn’t this happen with most online games after a big update?

aconnellan986d ago

Sometimes, though not always.

The bigger news is that it was Sea of Thieves’ fourth major update for the year, and arguably not the biggest either - it just introduced a lot of quality of life improvements that tied the previous updates together.

If users doubled after every other update in 2018 then yeah it wouldn’t be news, but this is the first time that it happened (and as in the article it’s continuing to increase into Jan/Feb)

Obscure_Observer986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

Like GT Sport?

TK-55985d ago

No it doesnt. Seeing as you said this happens to most online games can you show me what led you to believe that?A spike in active users is expected but you never expect to double your population.

Kribwalker985d ago

no it doesn’t.
“We’ve seen our playerbase grow significantly. Since November, and then during December and through to January, we’ve actually seen our playerbase double in terms of our monthly active users, so more than double are playing it now on a monthly basis.””
it’s been growing consistently since november. it wasn’t that the update came out and suddenly it doubled and then fell off again. It’s still growig

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LilTallBoy985d ago

The game was also just on sale for 50% off. That's what made me dive in.