HDCP Required For Xbox 360 HD Netflix Streaming

Format War Central writes "The copy protection police have struck again. The new HD Netflix streaming service on the Xbox 360 requires an HDCP compatible display device..."


This only applies to non-HDCP compatible DVI Connections.

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Fishy Fingers4611d ago

Thats strange, hopefully those running component cables aren't screwed over. Kind of defeats the object of watching HD (ish) movies if they have to be in 480p.

Elven64611d ago

If that is the case VGA should give you 1080p

Nineball21124611d ago

Yeah, I agree... HD movies in 480 if you use component cables? That seems harsh.

plain rice4611d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong but VGA is not HDCP compliant.

Elven64611d ago

@ plain rice: Not to sure but it can upscale your DVD's to 1080p I beleive and allow you to watch HD DVD's at 1080p compared to component that only gave you 480p and 1080i respectively.

xfrgtr4611d ago

VGA is not HDCP compliant.

Fishy Fingers4611d ago

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

HDCP is only compliant with digital signals. Analogs will not work or will be shown as 480p.

HDMI/DVI = Digital (works)
VGA/RGB/Component = Anolog (doesnt work)

DARKKNIGHT4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

once again, Microsoft hides the very fine print. After several hardware revisions they are still cutting corners and making it more expensive to own a 360.

fans will still overlook this and deny that rrod exists. people that know better will point and laugh at you.

anh_duong4611d ago (Edited 4611d ago )

i find this hard to believe. is there a source? otherwise this is a mjor oversight by ms.

if true you can expect a lot of hdmi-less xbox to rrod all of a sudden

JasonPC360PS3Wii4611d ago

Streams are in SD and HD to accommodate the majority of the market, 1080p is a small minority. MS/NF is smart to offer content that every set in every country can view, after all most people can't afford 2k to 5k TV's during a global economic crisis.

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bumnut4611d ago

you are almost correct in saying only dvi/hdmi are hdcp.

only DVI-D is hdcp

standard DVI is not.

Elven64611d ago

@ anh_duong: FMC has the beta build of the NXE

sukru4610d ago

HDCP does not have (almost) anything to do with DVI vs DVI-D. It's an add-on to DVI (and a requirement for HDMI).

DVI can carry both digital, and analog signals (see

Be Reasonable4610d ago

Didn't HDMI slots come standard in Xbox 360's since late 2007?

Aren't HDMI wires like 5 bucks on newegg?

I don't see the problem. I recently traded in my Opus 360 for a newer arcade model for the HDMI slot and the more reliable motherboard, Falcon or the newer one, it cost me about $79 but I got 5 arcade games, Gears of War and a controller bundled with it. It's a wonder how my Opus 360 survived for so long...

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plain rice4611d ago

Damn I have a 360 with HD component only output.

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power of Green 4610d ago (Edited 4610d ago )

This crap isn't true I would double check any news coming out for the 360 in the next 3 months(haters).

wifispy4611d ago

Someone please test this with a component only 360.

plain rice4611d ago

I'll be sure to test it the first day the service opens.

GiantEnemyCrab4610d ago

It's been tested. Don't be taken too much by all the FUD.

gameforall4611d ago

"No DRM involved, like that rubbish Blu-ray" :p

Pain4610d ago (Edited 4610d ago )

"1 - Digital downloads...
"No 1080p included, like that wonderful Blu-ray" :("

/sigh... fixed.

Netflix = 1080 i = Not true HD so it fail.

Sarah Palin4610d ago

Hi Pain.
This is Sarah Palin.
This election I dont want you to vote for me.
Because youre a f*cking moron.
True HD? Like I told FBI, do you even know where HD begins?
There is NO TRUE HD, because its an ever-evolving thing.
Thats right Pain, 1080p is old news.
Did you know there are companies that have produced 1920p+ resolutions with a RED LASER TECHNOLOGY that surpasses Bluray?
Yes its true:
And thats just ONE COMPANY. There are many others.
So, Pain, I think you owe your parents an apology.
Start with your birth, then work your way into becoming a failure in society, and then end with a finale: being a disappointment in life.

Parapraxis4611d ago

It is required you have an HDCP Display, if your TV is not HDCP compliant your TV will be unable to recieve the digital HD signal.
It's more about the monitors guys, although the HDMI or DVI will be required as well.
Picking up a cable, not so expensive, a new TV set...priceless, err i mean, pricey.

bumnut4611d ago

oops, i clicked disagree before fully reading your post.


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