Two Apex Legends characters are LGBTQ, say EA and Respawn

Both EA and Respawn has confirmed that there are two Apex Legends LGBTQ characters in the game: Bloodhound and Gibraltar.

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Razzer1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Not going to play the game as I don't want to be accused of committing a virtual hate crime.

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81BX1691d ago

Lol. Tried it out. It was meh

telekineticmantis1691d ago

Yeah and I'm thinking about Boycotting it now.

fathertime44641691d ago

Next headline will read
"Apex promotes hate crimes because you get to kill lgbqt characters, news at 11"

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shammgod1692d ago

Of course they are. Sexual oreientation always comes up when running around a battfield shooting at enemies

TiredandRetired1692d ago

I'd hate for my teabagging to be misinterpreted as a sign of affection.

ninerguy16081692d ago

The way people are becoming they might call it sexual assault. Pathetic this crap is in games now. I’ve never cared what someones sexual orientation is in gaming. I play to have fun. This forced lgbqtevjsdtbigsa is getting more and more ridiculous.

sampsonon1692d ago

couldn't happen, you haven't a heart.

letsa_go1692d ago

I think the only reason they are doing this is to score brownie points and free media coverage from the SJW gaming sites like Polygon and Kotaku. A little bit of virtue signalling gets the gaming "journalists" off their back so they can focus on making the game without having to constantly appease the vocal minority.

uth111692d ago

funny, i just read an article at Kotaku that said this made her feel uneasy, as though it was an empty diveristy gesture or something.

letsa_go1692d ago

@uth11 I mean, they aren't wrong! That is how I see it too.

Sono4211691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

If I was ever a part of the decision making like this for a game,just to f*ck with them I would make every male character a trans lesbian woman (But they still just look like men) and vice versa for women.Oh and of course half of them would be black and a few asians sprinkled in there as well, BOOM i'll get endless articles talking about how great my game is even if it's steaming garbage.

@uth11 that's because it is exactly that, an empty gesture to check the box on "diversity" aka identity politics. Because the character needs to have the same sexual orientation, skin color, and same gender as you to be relate able or playable /s

sampsonon1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

so you're ok with LGBTQ soldiers right?

pwnmaster30001692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

You must be a part of the LGBTQ seeing how offended you are. No one gives a shit about it or your feelings when it comes to games, especially on n4g. All we want is good games, Ellie from last of us is considered lesbian and we love her and that game.

And plus no need to bring up what preference they are. games have LGBTQ characters without being address they are. This isn’t new lol

rainslacker1691d ago

I can't speak for anyone else, but I don't care one bit what someone's sexual orientation is.

But, we don't get articles listing which characters are heterosexual. Why get them for the ones that are? If it doesn't matter to the game, and there is no story where it's relevant either way, why bother making a character with any definition?

Its possible to have characters where the topic of their sexual preference has no bearing on anything, and doesn't have to be broached at all...
Much less pointed out as if it's somehow a badge of honor.

I 100% support gay rights, and wouldn't ever judge or discriminate against anyone for their sexual preference, but at the same time, I don't really take heterosexual representation as something important enough to mention or care about, so I treat homosexual preference with the same attitude, and since it keeps.cropping up, I tend to keep asking why it matters.

harbie1691d ago

ROFL right- were about to die! But seriously what's turns you on? Lol fml

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Snookies121692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Why do we need confirmation about freaking sexual orientation? This is so stupid... It has no place in a game like this. If it's something crucial to the story that's one thing. All this is for, is attention seeking. Plain and simple.

Goldby1692d ago

but what if they planned on making a campaign one day involving one of the characters from Apex legends, would it feel more forced stating when the campaign released that the character is LGBTQ or when the character was initial introduced to everyone via a different game?

attention seeking would be using a character from this game in a story driven one and bringing up the fact they are LGBT to sell that game

johndoe112111692d ago

Here's what, i'll admit to your statement making any sense the day a company goes out of their way to announce a character is a white hetrosexual male christian. Until that day comes i'm gonna have to call BS on your statement.

rainslacker1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

It might feel forced, mostly because this feels forced, and pointless. No problem if that's what the characters are, but it's just pandering to even mention it, when no one asked, or cared. He ll, before a few days ago, no one even knew this game existed. Now, I know the names of two characters, but the only thing I know about them they affiliate with a group.

Is That really proper representation? For decades now, gay people have fought for equel rights. That they are the same as everyone else, just with different interests in one aspect of their life. But things like this force these characters to be defined by this. Is that progress?

spicelicka1691d ago

It feels forced now and it'll feel forced then. It should never have to be announced. If they want inclusivity, just implement it in the game. By your logic every game without a story can just start announcing LGBT characters because some day they might have a campaign for it.

Eonjay1692d ago

"Why do we need confirmation about freaking sexual orientation? "
Because people asked after reading the profiles.

DrumBeat1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

Lol. I find it very hard to believe that anyone; gamers, developers, community managers, PR workers, investors, etc asked about the sexual orientation of any of these characters.

Developer 1: After close examination of Bloodhound's character model I get the sense that he might be a little bi.
Developer 2: He is, but I didn't want to say anything too soon; I wanted to surprise Terry down the hall.

Eonjay1692d ago


it is clearly stated that Respawn put the bios up on their site. Then people started asking about them and then EA and Reswapn had to come out and 'confirm' what they had already stated. This then became the story.

sampsonon1692d ago

it's just in their Bio, not meant to be a big deal. well not in 2019 anyway.

it's a troll article to make people like you all get upset and become click bait drones.

Mortheous1692d ago

It's is in their bio on the company's site as far as I'm concerned it isn't canon. To me things need to be IN GAME to be canonical.