Dreams Beta Impressions: 10 of the Best Creations Made in Dreams - PS LifeStyle

With the Dreams beta officially over, we decided to gather some of our Dreams Beta impressions and highlight ten truly unique creations from the Dreamiverse.

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yellowgerbil962d ago

Can't wait for this game. I want to use it for so many things
Make a professionally drawn graphic novel using dreams to make a cityscape I can trace because I can't draw perspective
Use dreams to plot out my movie ideas so I can better outline them before writing screenplays. Think that will help many writers visualize things for continuity and flow from scene to scene
And make little funny animations and make a YouTube channel

Been waiting for this game for ever. Hopefully a release date comes on the 20th

anonymousfan962d ago

Can't wait for this game! I don't think the name "game" does it justice it looks more like a platform within a system lmao amazing stuff.

MasterCornholio962d ago

Nintendo better not see this.



Anyways it’s pretty amazing what people are doing with Dreams. It’s what Project Spark should have been in my opinion.

Cmv38962d ago

I wonder... what can Nintendo do? MM is just selling the tools, and people are just making things with the tools.... can you actually have a law suit?

MasterCornholio962d ago

As long as Sony takes the games down I don’t think there will be an issue.

sprinterboy962d ago

I know it wouldn't make business sense but I wish Sony would take a loss on profits and just make this available for free on playstation.
Its simply amazing but I'm worried about its sales with the usual goto genres being more popular.
I'd even go as far to say open it up to the pc crowd also maybe a year down the road.

Cmv38962d ago

I think it will sell okay. But what people create will help sell the game even more.

sprinterboy962d ago

I love dreams so far in the beta but it's gonna take 6mths to a yr or more for the proper games for people to play, average Joe will get bored of the 5 minute stuff or 30mins stuff.
I think it'll sell a million or 2 for sure but the potential should be far greater than that.

PCgamer98962d ago (Edited 962d ago )

I'm really impressed with the creation made using dreams. Now I'm definitely sold and can't wait for the release. Also I wonder how nintendo will react with mario being created in the game?

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