Super Mario Odyssey Is The Best-Selling 3D Mario Game In 23 Years

Screen Rant writes: "Super Mario Odyssey has just become the best-selling 3D Mario game in 23 years, which speaks not only to the success of the game, but also to the continued success of the Nintendo Switch. The game is one of the most important titles on the Switch, and is still going strong well over a year after its release in September of 2017."

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eagle21862d ago

Nintendo Switch software sales are simply phenomenal. You would think Switch has already sold 100 million the way it's software is selling. But no, 32 million strong!! And the software is topping sales of games from consoles that have sold 3 times that. Amazing!!!! Next, they will be saying Super Smash Bros. Ultimate topped Brawl (13 million) as the best selling Smash Bros. game by the end of this month.

FallenAngel1984862d ago

I’ll probably pick it up now that Walmart is selling it for $45

EddieNX 862d ago

Ridiculously good game. Like probably the best 3D platformer there is. I think I've only got about 700 moon's so I need to and get the rest. Tempted to restart it from scratch it's that good.

Xaevi861d ago

This convinced me to preorder the bundle when seaside kingdom was first shown off. However I much prefer Sunshine over Odyssey

Platformgamer861d ago

well, it's the best mario game and an awesome platformer, well deserved

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