New Devil May Cry 5 Demo Is Out: Download Size and Links For PS4 and Xbox One

Capcom has released the new Devil May Cry 5 demo today on the PS4 and Xbox One so here's how you can download them on your preferred platform.

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isarai43d ago

EU only, spent like 15mins trying to hunt it down till i figured that out :/

darthv7243d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I see it on the US xbox and ps stores so it's not only in EU. Maybe you were just a bit early?

edit, that's why i said you were a bit early.

isarai43d ago

look at post time brah, i commmented 18hrs ago, and in the article the links are to the EU store only

isarai43d ago

i don't get N4g, state facts and get disagreed with. Demos were not up 18hrs ago(when i posted the comment, look at post time beside my username) in the US, only in EU, Links in article only linked to EU store till just recently. hints why it literally says "Update: It is out now worldwide." in the f&%king article. PSN in US updates every Thursday(today) not Wednesday(yesterday aka 18hrs ago), release date for demo was officially announced to be on the 7th

so why would it be out in the US yesterday(18hrs ago) the 6th?

need more facts to disagree with?

water makes things wet, sky is blue, ice is cold, fire is hot.

slate9142d ago

It is ok, @isarai. Go in peace.

isarai42d ago



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thejigisup42d ago

Just wanted to say the sky is actually a bluish violet color. For some quick reading on it

Casepb43d ago

Been a very long time since I downloaded a demo of a game.

theshredded43d ago

no need, this is 100% bought.

Athlon42d ago

I agree. I'll be downloading since... I can't wait to play it! lol

Platformgamer42d ago

i was hoping for the dante demo but ok, i enjoyed exploring nico's shop and using punch line


Is this the same demo that was on the xbox?

NovusTerminus42d ago

A longer version with added character skills and Punchline is added in.

Platformgamer42d ago

yes it is, but you have to regain some abilities by spending red orb at nico's van (in the old demo you have all the avaiable abilities right at the start) and a new arm breaker is added, the end

Flewid63842d ago

It is the Dante Emo look. And then there's V who is obviously the token Emo of the 3.

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