Norman Reedus talks Hideo Kojima’s 'crazy complicated' Death Stranding

The Walking Dead actor speaks to GameCentral about the 'crazy complicated' Death Stranding.

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masterfox42d ago

hmmm sounds about right, definitely a Hideo Kojima game :D

FalconofLucis9842d ago

itd be a bummer if he's making it more complicated just for the sake of it than it needs to be, then itd just be convoluted

S2Killinit42d ago

I wouldnt worry. Im just hyped for whats going to be a great game.

RememberThe35741d ago

I really think that's just how his head works.

pornflakes41d ago

Since when are Kojima games complicated? name me one please.

ArchangelMike42d ago

That's the only thing abiut Kojima, he is averse to telling a simple stright forward story. It has to have this Inception level of depth that stretchers the bounds of comprehension. Most of the best stories are the ones with simple motivations, jeopardy and plot twists.

I_am_Batman42d ago

Yeah. It sucks that he always has to do the things that define his games. He should really make a game with a simple, straightforward story. While we're at it why don't we ask Clive Barker to write a light-hearted romance novel or Iron Maiden to scale back the guitar riffs. It just sounds too agressive. Some Harps might be good don't you think?

jznrpg42d ago

Not sure how people don’t read the sarcasm

UltraNova41d ago


I've always thought Death Metal was too aggressive. Some flute would be nice...

crazyCoconuts42d ago

There are good stories that are complex too though. Some crazy mind f time travel stories are not easy to follow but amazing the more you think about it (ever see Primer?). I can appreciate the complex stories once in a while.

jznrpg42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

There are plenty of video games with straight forward stories. There is room for all types and many appreciate the way Kojima makes his games because they are not cookie cutter straight forward stories. Konami was obviously holding him back to some degree so I am really looking forward to this mind bender . I preordered this first day available

Skankinruby42d ago

A hunch tells me maybe Kojima just ain't your cup of tea then

OffRoadKing41d ago

Agreed I was hoping for a Kojima created Battle Royal clone. I mean everybody's doing em'.

AmUnRa41d ago

Thats your opinion, and , and your intitled to have one, but i disagree.
When you play a Kojima game, you know what you can expect. I for instant love most of his games, except those under the Konami banner.
But now he can make whatever he wants, and i'am excited what is coming out that brain of the genius he is.

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gangsta_red42d ago

Crazy, complicated, convoluted, confusing, confounded...all sorts to describe the baby flash light game so far.

Ricegum42d ago

Just stop. You just sound incredibly bitter.

OffRoadKing41d ago

Predictably bitter but he's just here collecting down votes so dont mind him.

AmUnRa41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I know he is, but thats his opinion, but whe know why he thinks that way.😉

O never mind i read his " baby flashlightgame" and his "nailbiting story" comments.
I mis one comment: DS is a "walking simulator"😂
He is bitter and salty....

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bluefox75542d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Yes, you have to have a brain to get the most out of his stories. They're not for everyone.

gangsta_red42d ago

Oh yeah, a brain to figure out the deep intriguing stories of a guy named Snake, battling (or is) Big Boss and saving the world from enemies named Psycho Mantis all the while strolling through an open world with a half naked chick who breathes through her skin.

Potnoodle99942d ago

Hahahaha he think metal gears story is straightforward and simple..... ahahahahahhaaaa
Wow you really don’t have a brain!
Well at least you keep us here entertained. It honestly would be kinda boring without your crap gangsta

MrVux00042d ago

"all sorts to describe the baby flash light game so far."

Sounds like a game made just for you buddy.

42d ago
The Wood42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Lol. . C'mon red man. . . You know kojima isn't a vanilla story teller like the majority of developers/writers or whatever . You're being a bit of a Debby Downer. . . Story over GaaS. . .Lol

gangsta_red42d ago

Stop it Wood, you know as well as I do that Kojima is not known for his intricate and nail biting story telling. The fact that people even have to pretend that he's some great story teller is what I find hilarious.

C'mon, GaaS, are we going there?

Nyxus42d ago

"Stop it Wood, you know as well as I do that Kojima is not known for his intricate and nail biting story telling."

What? Tell me you're not being serious. You have to be trolling.

The Wood41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Maybe you're judging his story telling from your experience with all of his games. Some were better than others but to dismiss his story telling is disingenuous. Sometimes people like a Stanley Kubrick kinda story or movies that really don't hold your hand like enemy or nocturnal animals. The whole mg lore is engaging if you're invested. It's complex so you can't just skim the cut scenes or you'll miss things. Trust me. . Give me a complex metal gear story over a sea of thieves or a call of duty any day because I'm more into story telling than junk food gaming. . They both have their place but I know where I get more gaming nutrition from.

rainslacker41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Kojima wrote the story for Tokimiki Memorial. A dating sim. It was a real story, and better than any story for any other dating sim, or even most visual novels since. That was back in the late 80's.

He wrote the story for Snatcher and Policenauts, and they were great stories, even if pretty derivative.

He wrote the stories for the MGS series, and they are complex stories, weird or sure, but they are good stories. Even MGSV had a good story, it was just poorly presented. If people don't see the complexity, then they only look at the surface, but a Kojima game tends to have more characterization and more depth to characters, with more interesting interwoven plot points, than any other game out there, and surpasses many movies or TV nowadays.

He doesn't follow formulas, but his stories aren't shallow.

You'll be OK gangsta. You don't have to worry about all us PS Fans who will play the game. We're obviously easily amused, an think everything is more than it is. Luckily, you'll have CD3 to tide you over for the next couple's going to be that good. maybe Terry Crews will give you another trailer where he'll yell a lot in dude bro fashion. That's much more riveting, and who really needs some hot chicks as characters in a game when you have him with all his manly manliness.

gangsta_red40d ago


I'm shocked you would even put Stanley Kubrick next to Kojima. There's a difference between thought provoking and convoluted and just because something is strange and far out there doesn't make it Shakespearean.

Kojima Metal Gear is classic and are some of the finer games I have played but let's not kid ourselves in saying that his MGS story was some time of Kubrick masterpiece.

The story was complex because it was convoluted, confusing and just over the top, and it was over the top in a good way (I admit) but nothing they'll be studying a million years from now on dead sea scrolls as high art literature.

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Legatus42d ago Show
Foxhound92242d ago


Gansta downplaying ANOTHER PS exclusive. It's comical at how bitter you are. Keep them tears coming young man.

Nyxus42d ago

You forgot 'intriguing, beautiful, touching, mysterious, amazing, artistic, thrilling, engaging, inspiring, masterful', among other words.

MrVux00042d ago

Still think there are not enough adjectives to describe a Hideo Kojima game Nyx.

42d ago
Skankinruby42d ago

Interesting approach to damage control, acknowledge all the main qualities that make gamers love Kojima so much. I guess being that all the straw grasping negative speculation surrounding Days Gone is getting squashed you gotta cling to anything you can.

rainslacker41d ago

I think it's funny they're trying to attack it as a Kojima game, as if that somehow makes it bad, despite the fact that Kojima has lots of fans who play his games, and they actually are excited because it's a Kojima game.

it's not a mark of shame to call this a Kojima game, and the sooner that some people get that through their head, the sooner they can go and call out games on their own preferred system which aren't living up to promises, but they inexplicably have to pretend to be excited for, because its all they got.

The_Sage42d ago

Don't worry, gangsta... You won't have to try to comprehend what's going on. It's not coming to Xbox.

Nyxus42d ago

He's more worried about Death Stranding than the train wreck that is Crackdown 3, I wonder why.

Potnoodle99942d ago

Hehehe oh gangsta.... it must suck having to try and justify your purchase daily😂Also having everyone disagree with you..... must really suck!

gangsta_red40d ago

Yes, the disagrees from faceless people on N4G with names like potnoodle and such keep me wide awake at night. I don't know how I can go on with the rest of my day.

trooper_41d ago

Translation: Why this isn't on my console of choice!? That freaking Kojima!

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42d ago
Gamist2dot042d ago

But but but the haters are claiming it's just a lonely hobo transient game lol.

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