Disney Admits It's Not So Great at Publishing Video Games, Prefers Licensing to EA

Disney doesn't have time for games, what with world domination and all.

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XiNatsuDragnel869d ago

Well Disney this ignorance is what ruining your brand name rn

theXtReMe1869d ago

The Disney family hasn’t had anything to do with Disney for a very long time, Unfortunately. Walt would not like a majority of what is happening with the company today.

sampsonon868d ago

Marvel excluded of course. right?

slavish0868d ago

Lol, walt also liked Hitler so he is no standard. You should look up his horrible history and views first

DaDrunkenJester868d ago

Lol you're right, he would hate how many Jews and colored people are included in his films and park.

bluefox755868d ago

@slavish0 Liking Hitler has nothing to do with one's ability to run a company well. You can be a scumbag and still be efficient in running a company, the two aren't mutually exclusive.

XabiDaChosenOne868d ago

@bluefox755 thank you for using your brain and not your emotions brother.

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TiredandRetired869d ago

"EA Admits It's Not So Great at Publishing Video Games, Prefers F***ing Them Up Instead."

There. Fixed it.

868d ago
lociefer869d ago

Neither great at publishing nor at picking a good publisher

PhoenixUp869d ago

Lolwut? Plenty of publishers have done wonders with Disney properties over the years such as Sega, Capcom, Warner Bros Interactive, Sony Interactive Entertainment, & most notable of all Square Enix

lociefer868d ago (Edited 868d ago )

Was talking about EA, or do you think they did a great job with the license as well ?

PhoenixUp868d ago

Yeah EA butchered the Star Wars license but that doesn’t mean that Disney in general aren’t good at picking good publishers for their licensed games

lociefer868d ago

While i agree with u about other publishers doing great jobs about the license, this article and these days the spotlight is on EA, so it goes without saying that any one who talks smack about star wars games nowadays is talkin about the state we're in, not the past

rainslacker868d ago

I think Disney had practical business reasons why EA may seem like a good publisher. Especially at the time they made the deal. They've had a rough couple of years now, but before that, despite how much we hate them, they make money, and sell games.

They have a bad track record for quality games, and seem to be going in a direction that a lot of hardcore gamers don't like, but Disney doesn't care about that as much as getting the games released.

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SuperSonic91868d ago

Except prtnering with Sony

Relientk77868d ago

How about licensing it to a publisher who doesn't have microtransactions, loot boxes and pay 2 win on the brain.

OffRoadKing868d ago

License to Sony and get something great made.

XxSPIDEYxX868d ago

They did, very recently too.

DillyDilly868d ago

That only happened because of the movie deal. Disney would NOT cut off Star Wars from the population at large

rainslacker868d ago (Edited 868d ago )


They might since Sony showed that an exclusive license can pull big numbers. I doubt they'd allow cutting off PC gamers though. Too many PC gamers buy SW games. But, Sony has a couple game engines which can build to PC, so it would be something they can license out to another company to do the PC build....with either Sony or Disney publishing.

It won't happen of course. But going exclusive with a license doesn't mean it drastically drops sales of the game.

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