Sega Has 'No Plans' to Bring Yakuza Games to Xbox One

If you were expecting Yakuza 0, Kiwami, Kiwami 2, or even Yakuza 6 on the Xbox One, think again. Sega has confirmed that it has 'no plans' to bring any of the games in the franchise to Microsoft's console.

darthv721986d ago

That's okay. Sega can bring Otogi 3, Gun Valkyrie 2 and Panzer Dragoon Patru to xbox one instead.

Marioraider181985d ago

Nah, I dont think they want to hit bankruptcy twice

S2Killinit1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )

Why would they, so they can do a Shenmue? It wasnt a suprise when makers of Shenmue 3 gave low priority to xbox. They dont buy these types of games. They rather play sea of thieves and crackdown.

galmi1985d ago

would love to see this line up, otogi and gun valkyrie used to be some of my favourite games on og xbox

solideagle1986d ago (Edited 1986d ago )

didn't they announce $55 million loss?
This company has such a strong list of IPs. They should invest in them, maybe start with Virtua Fighter...

dcbronco1985d ago

It cost next to nothing to port the games to Xbox. This is definitely how a company goes out of business. Either you're in the business of selling games or not.

lxeasy1985d ago

That's fine the Yakuza franchise isn't even good. It mainly sells in Japan.

Nyxus1985d ago

It's really good actually.

DVAcme1985d ago

Ix Easy to look like a moron indeed.

King_Noctis1985d ago

That is your opinion. Yakuza games are really good.

Sega btw is realy stupid. They just announced millions of dollars loss, yet they do nothing to expand their franchises to reach more audiences.

bigmalky1985d ago

It's suddenly gained a huge surge in popularity with the remasters, 6 and 0.

If you think it's bad, you've never played them.

TGGJustin1985d ago

The funny thing is this guy would likely be cheering if it came to Xbox. He's just salty that it isn't.

shinoff21831985d ago

That's crazy Ness yakuza is a great series. I'm not sure what you've played in the series

CptDville1985d ago

Played Yakuza 4 on a Ps4 Pro. Could not endure to finish. To my own taste, it was boring as hell.
Still, my XoneX only goes ON to watch TV mas play Forza, therefore I can safely say, eventhough it is not a beloved franchise, there are people who like it and X desperately needs contente.

Z5011985d ago

Yet, you played them all. Obviously.

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theXtReMe11986d ago

I’ll never understand why any third-party developer would rule out any one platform and lose that money. Makes no sense whatsoever. Do you lose a chance to grab an audience that may have never played the franchise before and would buy games in the future. It’s a shame. Then again, the majority of sales for this franchise happen in Japan… Where the Xbox brand barely exists. Which I’m guessing is the number one reason why.

Nyxus1986d ago

They probably just don't think it will sell enough on Xbox to be worth the investment.

MasterCornholio1986d ago

It’s already a Niche game on PS4. Can you imagine what the sales on Xbox One would be like especially with that small user base in comparison to the competition?

81BX1985d ago

True. I wouldn't buy it

Ricegum1985d ago (Edited 1985d ago )


Let's be honest, as an Xbox One owner surely you'd take any game you can get at this point.

conanlifts1985d ago

But how much would it actually cost to port the games. Surely they could do it relatively cheap as a way to make a small profit. Sure it wont necessarily be a huge return but they just announced a $55 million loss, so any profit would help.