EA turns in bummer fiscal report: “We’re disappointed in our underperformance”

EA's latest quarterly fiscal report included a stark admission: Battlefield V's sales fell way below expectations. This, combined with a severe drop in mobile-gaming revenue, led EA's executives to admit that they were "disappointed in our underperfomance" in fiscal Q3 2019.

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raWfodog1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

You know what this means...more loot box microtransactions!

UltraNova1964d ago

This means more mobile games, more MTs, less SP and more GaaS, like a lot more.

I'm wondering, where do the good old quality games fit in there ^^^?

fiveby91964d ago

Reminds me of the saying, 'The beatings will continue till morale improves'.

indysurfn1962d ago

Yeah instead of EA realizing that many companies have went down because of bad customer sentiment, they decide to do even more of want gives the the bad will reputation. Each company is amazing how they do this. Look at Circuit city.

They only went down because of this not the internet. They had better prices than best buy but best buy and other did not go down. No one thought Circuit city was going down before best buy (at the time). Now they are only part of another company on the internet.

GTgamer1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Omg gamers finally spoke with their wallets 😭 it's so beautiful, EA ruined some of my most favorite franchises so screw them.

ZeroX98761965d ago

As much as I love some of those dev teams, recent years showed that EA is all about making profit at the expense of their company's image.

Battlefield 2 is still up to this day my most favorite BF title of all time, close to Bad company 2.
Battlefield 3 was nice, but afterwards it went downhill for the franchise.

And that's just one franchise which they screwed over, there's many more of it! :(

High Corporate members are obviously not communicating enough with their Devs.

MajorLazer1965d ago

I utterly, utterly loved BF:BC1. I was really hoping they'd keep it like that rather than make it like CoD

CorndogBurglar1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

"Jorgensen didn't mince words: he blamed the drop in the series' uptake on the developers' focus on a single-player campaign, as opposed to having a promised battle royale mode ready for fans in time for the game's launch." 

So they totally missed the point. Never mind what everyone was already complaining about before BR was even mentioned. Never mind all the unwanted SJW stuff and the historical inaccuracies that everyone was pissed off about as soon as the first teaser was released.

I won't pretend that a BR mode wouldn't have helped. It probably would have. But removing a Single Player mode to have BR also probably would have hurt.

At the end of the day, EA can take hits like this forever but it won't matter a single bit if they refuse to acknowledge what the majority of complaints were really about. I mean, most people had already written this game off after the first teaser, as soon as they saw the woman with the prosthetic arm running around on the front lines. At that point BR wasn't even expected for the game. So they need to open their eyes and realize that there's a certain level of historical accuracy that is expected in BF games, and the SJW stuff in a wargame is just so out of place that it should never be considered.

-Foxtrot1965d ago

The guy is so in denial

He knows why it didn’t sell he’s just spinning it

rainslacker1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

I just kind of find it funny that they said the devs focused on a SP campaign. If that's what they consider focus, then wow. Plus, it pretty much says that they aren't going to bother with SP campaigns in the games in the future.

The reason this game didn't do as expected is because the dev couldn't respect the players. Because they spent too much time pandering to a group of people who don't give a shit about games, like EA is known to do itself. DICE is all that EA is. They act the same, and DICE does EA's bidding. They are just as bad, because it wasn't DICE who screwed up last years SW:BF, it was EA, who were just as bad towards the community, and that game didn't have a SP campaign, was a Star Wars game, and still didn't live up to expectations. So what was their excuse then?

Lesson learned, don't tell your customers that have criticism not to buy the game if they don't like it, and just accept some damn accountability that people are not that keen on your idea of how to milk money out of them. When all the whales go to fortnite because it's the next big thing, you're screwed if you don't diversify your portfolio. Same thing many have said for years. Put all your eggs in one basket, and eventually, that basket is going to break.

Omegasyde1964d ago

Owed Bf 1942 and Bf2, on pc
Bf3 and bad company 2 on ps3.
On Ps4 I had Bf4 and Bf1 (both season passes too).

After placating to put a check in every box for BF Ww2 with more emphasis on “diversity” and less on gameplay - I completely skipped it and glad I did as the game launch was missing features.

indysurfn1965d ago

@UnHoly_One yes you do...You just dont realize it. If EA does not fall do to these practices it makes other companies have to do the same to compete or get bought out.

Most kids understand and say the same I cant believe you feel this way.

-Foxtrot1965d ago

“Don’t like it, don’t buy it”

badz1491965d ago

Square Enix, Sega and now EA having big drops in mobile-gaming revenues...music to my ear!

that's what you get for sacrificing console games for mobile revenue

CodeNameTBW21964d ago

Next time keep your politics outta battlefield and you wouldn't have this problem

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solideagle1965d ago

"Jorgensen didn't mince words: he blamed the drop in the series' uptake on the developers' focus on a single-player campaign, as opposed to having a promised battle royale mode ready for fans in time for the game's launch."

more micro-transactions incoming. they are blaming single player rather stupidity of the devs speaking against gamers. I am not with SJW but they handled the situation poorly.

anonymousfan1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

To be fair in this digital age why don't they sell their SPs and MPs as separate games? How many MP gamers care about SP and vice versa?

UnHoly_One1965d ago

Well, Anthem is freaking spectacular, so I'd say it should probably do ok.

DVAcme1965d ago

Oh, ok, you're one of those.

bloop1965d ago

Did you actually play the demo Unholy_One?? Bullet sponge enemies with no A.I., visuals nowhere near what the reveal was like with possibly the worst gui I've ever witnessed leading to complete disorientation during gun fights, atrocious frame rate, bugs causing the game to freeze for half a second when objective items pop up on screen, enemies disappearing into thin air and all audio glitching and dropping out? I certainly didn't find it spectacular. And keep in mind that was a demo, indicative of the final product, not a beta.

TKCMuzzer1965d ago

What? did you have access to a different demo? .........loading.............. ...loading................loadi ng.............
Its Destiny but amazingly not as good (i don't like Destiny)
Poor frame rate, stupid AI, constant loading. You are paying for an unfinished product.

UnHoly_One1965d ago (Edited 1965d ago )

Sorry I had a drastically different experience than what you guys had. I played both weekends of the demo. Probably put about 40 hours into it, honestly. lol

I loved it. Yeah there were some bugs, but I have no reason to doubt that they will be fixed in the final product.

The demo was pulled out and put together like 2 months ago, there have been a ton of changes to the real game since then.

If you don't like it, you don't like it, and I'm not going to try to convince you otherwise, but I thought the game was spectacular and can't wait to get it. I'm subscribing to EA Access for a month so I can play it a week early, too. lol

RememberThe3571965d ago

Honestly I'm glad you had a good time, but it seems to me that they are pushing this game out way too soon. This game looks like it needs new consoles to achieve it's vision. Instead, they have to please their clueless investors who'd rather see new product launches rather than quality product launches.