Gears of War 2's 'Seriously' achievement already unlocked

OXM UK reports that players who have acquired Gears of War 2 ahead of its release date have already unlocked the 'Seriously 2.0' achievement.

'Seriously...' was a notoriously tough achievement in Gears of War but the revamped 'Seriously 2.0' is proving to be much easier to unlock.

OXM UK also reveals the easiest way to attain this achievement and confirms that there is NO gamerpic reward for unlocking the 'Seriously 2.0' achievement.

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Fishy Fingers4654d ago (Edited 4654d ago )

Estimate 24 hours playtime? That's around the same as hitting prestige in COD4, that's ridiculously easy, or should that be "seriously" easy 2.0.


thats right... and trust me... achievements wont even cross your mind when playing this game!!!!

Tmac4654d ago


Rhythmattic4654d ago

It seems its not more BAD-ASS, but SOFT-ASS

Footnote. Be still good fun though.........

Bengoshi-San4654d ago

All these players have bootleg copies on modded 360's.

These aren't real gamers. They're living off of the support that other gamers who pay for their games are giving the software developers.

Shame on pirates. Bastards.

DeletedUser4654d ago

Not all are pirates, it has been leaked early in hard copies as well..

solidsnakus4653d ago

its alot easier than the first games, so its seriously 0.5

xkarxfreddy4653d ago

aye it will b easy 2 get if u keep playn da last level 2 get it lak a noob!!:P try and get seriously 2.0 by only playn mulitplayer and c if u can get it in 24 hours!

Max Power4653d ago (Edited 4653d ago )

did you seriously save by using numbers and letters as words? by my count you only saved yourself 13 keystrokes

Amsterdaam4653d ago

2 Legit, 2 Legit 2 Quit

Heeey Heeeeeeeeeeeeeyy

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The story is too old to be commented.