Grand Theft Auto – Is Rockstar Destroying Its Essence?

Has a focus on online longevity distracted Rockstar from what makes GTA so good?

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Patricko44d ago

They already did with ridiculous grind and overpriced stuff in online mode.

T1125P44d ago

It's time for GTA VI, enough bullshit.

stefan_77144d ago

A game called Fiyero ppeared on a voice actors resume a while back and Rockstar are hiring game testers so it isn't far off

thorstein44d ago

One of their leading devs, upon the release of RDR2, stated that it would be impossible to do another GTA in today's climate. He left the rest unsaid.

Maxi344d ago

Just a excuse to milk money

thorstein43d ago

Not making money on a new GTA VI is an excuse to make (milk) money.

Yeah. Ok.