AVault: de Blob Review

AVault: "Nintendo's heralded game-design philosophies are embodied in de Blob. Much like the latter day Super Mario titles and the Pikmin series, time seems to melt away as you play. The game really provokes the "just one more level" obsession, as there is something primal and addictive about seeing these bland backdrops gain new life. While the challenges you encounter involve the same repeated tasks, the game steadily increases their difficulty, making each similar challenge seem fresh. De Blob also layers new abilities, enemy types, obstacles and puzzles, providing a nice sense of escalation as you work through the game. The optional challenges and the rewards they unlock help to increase the replay value, making this a game you'll revisit often"

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chanmasta4271d ago

... hell, how many more reviews for this game, I know it's great and all but jeez!