Why League of Legends Is Still The Most Popular Game

Asura from NoobFeed writes - There are many factors that must be considered when attempting to figure out how League of Legends got where it is today. She has also given an in-depth look at LoL’s success.

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sinspirit42d ago

I just don't like the new masteries/runes. I think the layout is bad and overly beautified, but the masteries themselves are bad. I dislike some of the buffs such as the one that slings, if I remember correctly, a rather quick 60 damage area hit after an ability hits every 12 seconds. Either way, there is much less creativity and flexibility for this system.

I actually enjoyed having life steal or crit runes most of the time. Draven I would have a high of damage as I could early game and use his Q to get consistent big early game AD hits. Now it limits that, requires a bigger learning curve to read everything so you really should sit there for a hour or two to make a couple pages, whereas previously they were much more clearly laid out and straight forward perks. It used to be a fun game especially when having a troll team or fun combos such as Anivia's wall combined with Vayne's knock back + wall stun. Another big reason I don't try is because of the 180ms ping minimum I get on this island I'm currently on. That's about .2 seconds of me being behind, as it tends to go in the 300's even if the game is all I've got open. Competitive online is not a good idea here, but it does make it more fun when you still do really well with that disadvantage lol

lucian22942d ago

I never got why it was popular. You see these badass fan animations, CGI movies and etc, then you look at the gameplay and it looks NOTHING like any of it. It looks like an oldschool hack and slash rpg (baldergate etc)

I never played it so obviously I won't say it is bad, but it never LOOKED fun in my opinion. I checked recent high tier gameplay and it was so stale to watch...I still don't get it.

AK9142d ago

Is it? Ever since Overwatch and now BR games LOL isn't as big as it once was.