Devil May Cry 5 Trophy List Revealed

Redditor DeftonesBandPSN has shared the Devil May Cry 5 PS4 Trophy List he’s got hold of. The game lists 49 trophies in total: 40 Bronze, 5 Silver, 3 Gold and 1 Platinum.

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anonymousfan1937d ago

Never played the first one although I owed four versions of the second one lol (X360, Vita, PS4 and PSVR) but I gotta say I would have much preferred hearing news about the 3rd game. Maybe I'll just play Rage 2 instead.

sinspirit1937d ago

I feel like the Switch should get this as well. It would be nice if some of these great 4 player co-op games would debut when they fix their online. I play local wireless Smash Bros all the time. Haven't even tried the online on this island lol

anonymousfan1937d ago

Damn it Borderlands on the Switch?! I'll have to buy it a 5th time lol.

quent1937d ago

Did I just go back 10 years into the past, what is this for the switch ?, Bc we've been here before

TGGJustin1937d ago (Edited 1937d ago )

Yep and honestly it should've been in the Handsome Jack Collection (I know the first game doesn't have Handsome Jack.) I'm sure some people will buy it again though since it hasn't been on PS4 and Xbox One (natively) yet. Will be interesting to see if it comes to Switch as well.

Cobra9511937d ago

"Borderlands GOTY Edition on Sale at Play-Asia"
"2777d ago"
(Link tile at the bottom of this page.)

Yeah, I'd say it feels like a blast from the past. I had to look at the headline twice to make sure I didn't miss a '3' or something.

IMissJimRyan1937d ago

As PlayStation user this is great news. Borderlands servers on PS3 were shut off aftter GameSpy bankrupcy.

toxic-inferno1937d ago

Pretty sure they released a patch for the game a short while later which reactivated the servers.

CP_Company1937d ago

Good. I will buy it. Great game.

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BadElf1573d ago

Niiiiiice. Now use some of that profit to make Zack and Wiki 2 for Switch. Get a remake of the first one first atleast.

tinchotin1572d ago

That's the franchise you want Capcom to revive? LOL

AriesBear1572d ago

I think some people just make stupid requests because they think it's cute.

BadElf1572d ago

Loved Zack and Wiki. Yes

Edito1572d ago

I wish they put all the money on Dino Crisis..

Smokehouse1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Capcomeback? Don’t waste it. Hyped for the new REs.