Beware PSN hackers strike again.

Sarah writes-Friend and fellow gamer Cito35th got his PSN hack,the hacker deleted all his PSN friends and bought GRAN TURISMO 5 Prologue,Socom Confrontation and Burnout Paradise city,we discuss how to prevent this from happing to you and what precautions you can take now.

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-SOCOM Confrontation patch 1.20

-Mirror's Edge

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DNAgent4270d ago

He didn't get hacked. I bet he gave his info away thinking he would get into the Home beta like a lot of other noobs.

GrieverSoul4270d ago


Either that or he goes to the PStore via PC with malicous/spyware software installed without his awareness!

vhero4270d ago

yep happens everyday with anything from back accounts to paypal to even live accounts it can happen to anybody with anything.

slymaddox4270d ago

He gave his password to someone for a trade. I would have had pity but since it was his fault I laugh.

pp4270d ago

Keep up the good work guys.

robotnik4270d ago

Quite frankly, the existence of mere creatures such as yourself is an affront.

Yoma4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

no I'm sure it was someone who wanted to share for something else, like "home"

If that's a real hack, sony will just lookup the ip like they did with the stolen ps3.

Rhythmattic4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )


I noticed with your avatar your 360 isnt plugged in ???

Is that a photo of it before you put it in a MS (Post) Box for repair due to the undeniable RROD ?

I also suggest when sending off the 360 ( the Dell CPU lookalike) , you should include the LARGE brick Power supply....

Just in case.

Agent VX4270d ago

Here is the "secret" that Sony doesn't want you to know about. Having an limited "Open" system has a very good chance of being hacked or infected with a virus.

Though the PS3 has been quite secure as of now, I suspect that this type of hacking/virus is going to get more and more common. Hopefully I won't have to disconnect my PS3 from being online and on. This really could be a problem for Sony and PS3 users if it gets worse.

Why o why4270d ago

that person was hacked right? U sure love fishing.

Agent VX4270d ago

Now, re-read my post before spouting out childish fanboy non-sense.

I said that having a limited "OPEN" system like the PS3 leaves it vulnerable to hacking and viruses. I stated that the PS3 "RIGHT NOW" has been "QUITE SECURE" up til now.

Regardless, anytime you don't have a closed system, there are vulnerabilities with a system. I have just stated that I am worried that this could get worse, or a lot worse. Time will only tell, and this type of thing doesn't surprise me.

But really, what did I expect from this site and intelligent remarks. 'rolls eyes!'

danarc4270d ago

How is the PS3 an "open" system?

You can install linux, but it's on a different partition to the PS3's OS, meaning it can't affect it AT ALL.

Lumbo4270d ago

What kind of nonsense are you blabbering now?
The PS3 is NOT an open system, EVERY piece of code needs to be signed to be executed. The central hypervisor blocks any attempt to access hardware routines. Without these a virus can not work.

Windows viruses work because 99% of all windows installations are set to have administrative rights from the go, or because a software like IE that runs with administrator privileges has critical bugs that allow hackers to inject code. Additionally no such system as on the PS3 is present on PCs, code does not need to be signed to run.

Please spare us your crap made up nonsense, if you want to troll on PS3 topics at least grow a brain and offer real issues.

The PSN account hacking is done via social engeneering, like most of the xbox live hacking. People get mails that seem to offer highly interesting "beta" offers and route you to a sony-lookalike page that asks for your psn email and password. Voila "hacked" ... Another route are retarded users that still use "god" or "rox0r" as seemingly cool passwords for accounts where they store MONEY.

Jdoki4270d ago

Great post lumbo.

There's a world of difference between being hacked and being stupid enough to let someone guess/steal login details.

Yoma4270d ago

I'm sure they are doing the security very highly priorityed. The ps3 haven't been hacked yet, so haven't psn, and I don't think psn will ever be that. If not a big hacking group everyone having psn as target, but I dont think so.

mindedone4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

What virus is there? This has nothing to do with the openness of systems, nor viruses. Please don't speak on something of which you know nothing.

Kyur4ThePain4270d ago

just shut the hell up and go away.

BLuKhaos4270d ago

A virus has to be created specifically for a system in order to for it to work.What makes you think that some random hacker will be able to make a virus for the PS3 when not even paid professionals know how to program for it correctly.

xwabbit4270d ago

and how can i get a virus i been in many porn sites bro. No virus yet

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Hellsvacancy4270d ago

PP - Wot a looser

Edit. It isnt like the 360's hack proof lmao

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4270d ago

I never read 'pp' i.e 'potty poo' comments.
Put him on 'Ignore' it's better that way for us and for Mankind!!! ;-D

Sjoeter4270d ago

a virus infected console? never thought of that :P

GrandTheftZamboni4270d ago

Just wait for xbox internet browser.

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