"The world thinks we're making Titanfall 3 and we're not - this is what we're making."

Respawn talks Apex Legends, its titan-less Titanfall battle royale.

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AspiringProGenji1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

''investing in a battle royal game is so smart considering how rare they are on the market right now. these devs must have 200 iq for sure.''

Couldn't say it better myself

-Foxtrot1696d ago

This has EA all over it

People said when they bought Respawn we didn't have to worry but after they basically threw Titanfall 2 under the bus with it's launch the signs were all there.

opc1696d ago

Titanfall 2 didn't sell well. Most people don't care about sci-fi and mechs. They just want realism and guns. It's boring but that's what people buy.

remixx1161695d ago


That assumption of your is mad wrong bro, he purposely killed Titanfall 2 by releasing it between the 2 biggest games of the year in the form of cod and battlefield. It literally release within a couple days of each respective Goliath and got mutilated sales wise so ea could by them out for cheap after it flopped.

The first game sold pretty well and was exclusive to Xbox one but it had a good release window in March with fairly little competition.

Jin_Sakai1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

“The world thinks we're making Titanfall 3 and we're not - this is what we're making."

So they made Apex Legends and are making Star Wars? Sucks about Titanfall 3 but I’m sure their hands are full.

IanTH1696d ago

And they are making an Oculus exclusive VR game. So this game in a genre where many have failed against the titans of battle royale, a game for VR which is niche (I love my Rift, and I'm sure Oculus has covered most costs, but it still has to be a little risky), and then a Star Wars game...a series where every game, aside from BattleFront, has been canned by EA.

We've seen nothing of the VR title, which doesn't even have a name, and nothing of the Star Wars game that is supposed to come out holiday this year. Then this battle royale (sigh) game stealth launched.

Ooof. It may turn out OK for them in the end, but that isn't the most rock solid foundation I've ever seen lol.

kevnb1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

There is a lot of battle royale games? News to me. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/...
These are the only notable ones, only missing a few user made mods.

It’s weird how people confuse the popularity of the sub genre with how many games are part of it.

Orionsangel1696d ago

RIP Fortnite. Fortnite will become the new Overwatch. No one plays it lol. Ninjas popularity with tweens dies with Fortnite. It was all just a fad. Apex Legends is the new thing!

Servbot411696d ago

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Respawn.

spicelicka1696d ago

How small is that team that they couldn't have made this while working on Titanfall 3? Really it has no marketing budget, and looks like Titanfall 1 stripped down. They couldn't have been working on this since Titanfall 2.

My guess is that they were working on Titanfall 3 in 2017, and seeing the success of Battle Royale in early 2018 they scrapped it to work on this game.

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Crazyglues1696d ago

Too bad because this is trash... played for two minutes and then deleted it... Huge Waste of Time, would rather play anything else..

Thought it was going to be Pilots from Titanfall but with out the titans, that would have been fun.. this is just another Battle royal game... sad

Araragifeels 1696d ago

2 min? So that mean that you only play part of the tutorial and didn't finish. Wow.

NarutoFox1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

Lol he probably meant after the tutorial. In my opinion I don't know what to think about this game yet. I need to play more before I judge it, even though I don't really like EA

Crazyglues1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )


Actually I didn't count the tutorial time because that was the tutorial so I only counted my actual play time, if you liked it, i'm happy for you, it's not for me.. I'm not a fort-nite fan sorry..

-But I wish them the best because I loved TitanFall so I wish the best for the studio / but all these companies jumping on the fortnite battle-royal bandwagon is just sad, and will end badly.. you can't make a great game copying another game..

Why they didn't just make a TitanFall 3 only god knows.. / but I'm sure they are just following EA's orders, since Respawn is just another company they own now..

bigmalky1696d ago

Titans, only $20 each. Coming to the EA live service store in March.


IanTH1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )

"You can't make a great game by copying another game"

So only unique games then? If so, then they couldn't even make a good game in Titanfall 3 since that would be copying itself, for all intents and purposes. Copying happens in game development, and plenty of great games get made from them. The best games tend to be the ones which are unique, but even just nailing the fundamentals and core design can make for a great game.

I'm not suggesting that's what is happening with Apex Legends. Its tepid, forgettable name combined with the genre in which it is competing effectively computes to white noise in my book. I just found your assertion about game creation a bit strange.

Crazyglues1696d ago (Edited 1696d ago )


I think you mistake what copying is, if they made Titanfall 3 they would not be copying their self because they made TitanFall 1 & 2... A copy is the phony version, not the original just like someone copying dance moves, they will not be able to make new amazing dance moves because they never made the original dance moves, they just copied your moves... Great games are not made from copying..

To make an amazing game takes a lot of creativity, and that's the main thing lacking in copies... so I don't think we agree on what it takes to make a good game, because you seem to think as long as a game just copies what the other games are doing their game should be a huge success... It doesn't work like that. -But that's what game companies seem to think because every studio is now jumping on the bandwagon and trying to add a battle royal to their game... LoL (this game would have been amazing if it was just TitanFall Pilots vs Pilots in these huge new open worlds with no Titans but all the mechanics that pilots have, grapple rope, bombs, great guns, and torrent guns and shields and all the powers like cloak and stuff that pilots have in Titanfall -- that would have been an amazing Battle-Royal game, on this updated version of the game engine, that would have been not copying but doing it your way...

And this would have lead right into TitanFall 3 which would have been an amazing way to help 3 take off, get everyone playing the free game then give them 3 with all the Titan's and huge maps and amazing battles and an amazing story.. that game would have done numbers.. instead this game will just make you want to play FortNite or P.U.G.B the ones who already did this type of game the right way.

AngainorG7X1696d ago

You can't be serious. I hope EA just die already

fiveby91696d ago

Well it does feel like EA is not a creative force. A bunch of MBA's in the bay area looking at market trends. The only innovation EA has made recently is FIFA UT loot boxes. And by innovation, I mean a terrible consumer manipulation of fans. Respawn makes what they are asked to make.

Nodoze1696d ago

I hope that this fails HARD. Then take it to the EA boardroom and shove it.

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jukins1696d ago

I thought it was a titanfall based br game too with the first announcements. We would have titanfall 3 if not for EA's ignorance and choosing to release titanfall 2 when it did sandwhiches between the always mega selling g cod and it's own popular bf. Oh well wont judge until I play this

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