Here's Our First Look at Apex Legends Gameplay and It Looks Fantastic

Here's our first look at Apex Legends gameplay and it looks fantastic! Multiple videos have been published giving us some small glimpse of the characters and gameplay.

FrostedFire1697d ago

It's EA. Keep your expectations in check lads

Cmv381697d ago

At least it's free to play to the microtransactions wont hurt as bad.

zodiac9091697d ago

@Cmv38 "The microtransactions wont hurt as bad,," That's a joke right?? LMFAO

Palitera1696d ago

Only cosmetics microtransactions, and two classes (out of 8 or 10) that can be bought with ingame money.

And the gameplay is VERY good indeed. The meta, not so much... Only cosmetic progression kills it to me.

RomanPSX1696d ago

@zodiac909 what do you want? A free to play game with no microtransactions? The microtransactions are only cosmetics.

Artemidorus1697d ago

It's free so just be aware of the paywall effect when it hits you like a train.

MrCrimson1697d ago

Played for a few hours tonight. I've no intention of ever spending any money on micro transactions at this point - It is super fun. I think the only way I could see myself spending money are on future "legend." they release, sort of like league or whatever.

It is fun to play, and it's free. I also think its different enough of an experience for other players of the current BR games to give it a whirl.

Godmars2901697d ago

Aren't you saying that you will put into this F2P title? That you'll give EA money when that's exactly what and all that they want?

Old McGroin1697d ago

@ Godmars290

"Aren't you saying that you will put into this F2P title? That you'll give EA money when that's exactly what and all that they want?"

This is a surprise to you? You do realise that EA are an actual company? And that companies exist to make money? You can't seriously believe that F2P games require no funding at all. If someone thinks a game is fun and that they might want to spend their own money on it that's their own business.

RomanPSX1696d ago

I dont agree. If I enjoy a game and gives me hours of fun, I will give back some money. I played lots of World of tanks and i have purchased some tanks in the past.

sampsonon1697d ago

The stream was supposed to start at 8 PT / 11 EST. but at almost 1/2 past the start time thy reset the time for 12 PT/3EST. 45k people waited. very unprofessional

Kribwalker1697d ago

he said before that 8am was a teaser and full reveal will be at12

VerminSC1697d ago

Exactly..respawn specifically said that the reveal wasn’t until noon. The teaser was just that moving background.

sampsonon1696d ago

sorry but that 3 second bite was nothing and showed nothing.

Kabaneri1697d ago

Yeah this whole reveal is very bizarre.

Nitrowolf21697d ago

He clarified that last night and even the twitch header said 12PST full reveal

gangsta_red1697d ago

Sure would be nice if we didn't have the static overlay.

Smokehouse1697d ago

That clip is like 3 seconds. What kind of game is it?

JCOLE131951697d ago

There are multiple clips in the link as well. Still hard to make out what’s going on though.

Nitrowolf21697d ago

From what I can see it’s a class base battle royale. Doesn’t look like jump kits are on every class, as you can see it on some and others not. Also looks like grapple is for one specific class.

I’ll give it a shot, could be fun since it’s respawn or could be a poorly made cash grab

Smokehouse1697d ago

Battle royale isn’t for me. Thanks, I couldn’t be bothered to click lol.

masterfox1697d ago

if this is another damn mp only game I'm freaking out then.

Nitrowolf21697d ago

It is lol it’s a battle royale game

Casepb1697d ago

It's battle royale Titanfall but without the titans soooo.... I guess pretty much COD Advanced Warfare battle royale?

masterfox1697d ago

hell with it then lol.