TheSixthAxis Review: Valkyria Chronicles

TheSixthAxis: "It's all numbers, of course, but dressed up in gorgeous visuals and oodles of charm and individuality. You'll never once feel like you're in a real war, this isn't Call of Duty, but you will feel attached to the main protaganists and the various plot twists along the way will keep you entertained. The game isn't for everyone, and it's not without it's minor flaws (such as occasionally flaky AI) but for PS3 owners wanting to get their hands on a massive, sprawling adventure with some brilliantly devised battles Valkyria Chronicles should be considered an absolutely must buy: the game has more depth than the rest of the PS3's library put together and was clearly a labour of love for the developers."

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TheColbertinator4275d ago

God I hate this website.They act like OPM but their reviews suck and the site is weak.

Also Valkyria is not an 8,sixthaxis

WIIIS14275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

This is where I say you are entitled to your opinion eh?

My opinion based on the demo I played, is this game should be anywhere from 7.5 to 8.5 (max). It is good, just isn't fantabulistically good. I think this review got it right.

8 isn't a bad score btw. Unless you think Motorstorm 2 is bad.