Xbox Game Pass Marketing Teases a Game Reveal That a Lot of Fans Requested on February 5

Xbox Game Pass social media marketing team is teasing "A game a lot of you have been asking for" to be revealed on February 5th.

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Mutant-Spud1702d ago

It's Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, already up in Australia.

XMarkstheSpot1702d ago

That was added on the last day of January

crazyCoconuts1703d ago

I think PSNow needs a "social media marketing team". Only place I hear about updates for PSNow is the PlayStation Blog...

THC CELL1702d ago

Ps now is getting a huge update. Them who got a call off sony will know what am on about

Team_Litt1702d ago

Sony called you? What are they bringing? Ps4 exclusives day one? I'd subscribe for that for sure!

THC CELL1702d ago

That was they was telling us yes.

sprinterboy1702d ago

Yep psn and psnow for ps5 is currently undergoing a massive overhaul.
Exiting times ahead ;)

crazyCoconuts1702d ago

That's good to hear. They obviously put a lot of work into taking the lead on that space a long time ago, but didn't seem to capitalize on it. Can't help but think they could use just a little of that MS hype-y advertising to get more people engaged.

1702d ago
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Italiano12345671702d ago

Ps now has almost 55% of the market. Gamepass has 11 %. I think there fine.

Razzer1702d ago

What are you basing that on?

FluffyButtz921702d ago

@Razzer Use google daah :p

Razzer1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

No need. sprinterboy sent me a link.


BizarroUltraman1702d ago

Ok, you also have 90mil+ people with PS4s I would assume PSnow would have big numbers. Game Pass is basically new relax their buddy...it'll catch on.

crazyCoconuts1702d ago

All I'm saying is that they could do better with some more exciting marketing. MS is doing something right when it cones to getting people/press talking about their stuff...

letsa_go1702d ago

@crazyCoconuts Because Sony doesn't need the exciting marketing right now. They let their products and services speak for themselves. There is a reason they are the market leader! All of Microsoft's current marketing reeks of desperation to me. Sony is just chillin in the shadows, planning their next moves.

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slavish01702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Link? Why lie push Sony up and Xbox down?
PlayStation Now makes up 52% of the game subscription marketshare, beating out the different permutations of EA Access at 33% and Xbox Game Pass at 15%.

rob-GP1702d ago

@those saying GO is new and PSNow is old so will have more market share - be quiet. All you’re doing is damage controlling the info. They are both doing okay, but PSNow is actually more popular as it has a bigger library.

The age thing is pointless though - GP is about 2 years old now so it’s not ‘new’, it’s just not being adopted By as many people as MS execs make out

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rainslacker1702d ago

Most of their main marketing this gen has been through social media. They have the tv spots, but their social media presence is pretty heavy and active. They started using a new marketing firm this gen, and they have done quite well.

I think the reason you don't see psnow as much is because they aren't pushing it as a key feature for ps consoles, but instead, are targeting different markets, namely pc. Psvue is marketed through places that focus on tv or movie media. I've seen it on a few sites I've been to.

But for the most part, their gaming channels keep it focused on the games, systems, and core gaming services.

Obscure_Observer1702d ago


"Most of their main marketing this gen has been through social media. They have the tv spots, but their social media presence is pretty heavy and active. They started using a new marketing firm this gen, and they have done quite well."

"“Strong profits from game software were offset by higher promotional and marketing costs aimed at driving PS4 volumes,” Damian Thong, an analyst at Macquarie Group Ltd., wrote in a report after cutting his rating to neutral. “We are moving to the sidelines until we can better assess the risks in the Games segment.”


rainslacker1702d ago

That's nice Obscure. Doesn't change the fact that Sony spends a bulk of its time marketing on social media. Social media doesn't cost a lot to market, and it is indeed heavy, and active. They routinely update their YouTube channel. They often work through various twitter feeds. They're active on the forums. They have their blog. Their facebook page is usually updated 1-2 times a day. They have a lot of viral type media out there. They routinely send out emails. You can opt in to receive text messages to some things. So on and so forth. And they utilize all those things.

I never said they didn't spend money on other media. Quite the contrary, as I even pointed it out in the quote you so happily repeated.

Unless there was some other point you were trying to make. I couldn't tell, because you didn't really say anything other than to link a quote, which didn't really change anything I said.

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Team_Litt1703d ago

Forza Horizon 3? Motorsport 7? Hmmmm....Skyrim??! Please be Skyrim!

TK-551702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Horizon 4 was the first in the series I've played and loving it. Never had a racer keep me occupied for more than a couple hours til I was bored but this game is just on another level with how much there is to do in it. Makes me love the idea of Horizon 3 joing because I'd love to give it a go