Anthem looks stunning but sub-par performance is concerning

To cut to the chase: was the demo an accurate representation of the actual product's visual credentials? No. Is it a beautiful current-gen game? Yes, but there is a price to pay.

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neocores8055827d ago

Just being honest... This game will just be EYE CANDY. SAVE YOUR 60$ DO NOT BUY THIS TRASH

yomfweeee827d ago

Is an uninformed opinion really honesty?

neocores8055827d ago

As i said this game will be trash... 100% idgaf what anyone says anyone spending 60$ on this lol its a joke of a game.

sampsonon827d ago

i liked it. let people be ignorant and tell you their truth. it doesn't mean it's yours.

thorstein827d ago (Edited 827d ago )

Anthem....2019's first "Game to Hate."

The game will garner unmitigated hatred for no reason that will seem palpable to fans. Fans who defend it will be called sheep and blind.

Reviews will lie about certain aspects of the game outright and then when all is said and done, a year down the road it will go on sale. When it does, those who waited because they listened to trash journalism will declare, "This game is great, why did it get so much hate?"

Source: Every game that received hatred and lies from the press, but ended up being a great experience.

starchild827d ago (Edited 827d ago )


So true. It has been obvious some people wanted to hate this game so bad. Way before the demo and before they had really shown much about the game at all.

I haven't made my mind up about this game, but I've learned from experience not to trust the "community". Unfortunately, the gaming community has devolved into a toxic cesspool of fanboyism, politics, entitlement and idiocy. Not the whole gaming community to be clear, but a significant enough vocal minority to really stink the whole place up.

Elwenil827d ago

Yes, because Battlefront II and Fallout 76 have one on to be wonderful games that in no way deserved any criticism from gamers or the press. /s

And just because a game may go on to be fixed over time and a bad developer and/or publisher may reverse some anti consumer decisions, that doesn't mean the game, developer and/or publisher don't deserve every bit of scrutiny and criticism. Just because they fix their game and it becomes a "great game" at a much lower price tag a year later does not redeem the wrongs inflicted by selling a POS on launch day.

Daeloki827d ago

Looking at his commenting history, I'd say you're wasting your time trying to have any form of discussion with him :/

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sampsonon827d ago (Edited 827d ago )

if had a nickle for every time a game had issues during, well let's face it, a server test i would be able to use the money to purchase the game.

I'm not really into these type of games but i thought it was good.

save your money if you really didn't enjoy the game play. but don't do it because someone else tells you to.

GottaBjimmyb827d ago (Edited 827d ago )

I actually went from completely underwhelmed and uninterested, to most likely buying the game. It's actually pretty decent.

Also for me personally, I could care less about microtransactions as I don't participate in them and get all the benefits from the revenue they produce. (Unpopular opinion? Maybe)

As for the game's framerate and general run quality, it definitely had some hiccups, (but framerate specifically wasn't terrible) and actually some down-right freezes (1-2 second) but frankly, it wasn't actually that bad and that build obviously is not the current game code, so we will see. Even as-is, it was still completely playable, though, certainly room for improvement. I do find it odd they thought the performance was "concerning" though, as it is on par or better than most games out there in performance amd head and shoulders above everything in terms of visuals in a massive open world game. At least it looks better to me than any game I have played.

sprinterboy827d ago

Exactly, I didn't really enjoy the demo that much but I don't hate on games for the sake of hating, I'll pick it up later on in the year for the sp portion of the game.
For some reason gamers like to hate on stuff, then it gets the hate attachment to it online and sales for the game suffer.
Driveclub and the order were the same even though they were great games.

TKCMuzzer827d ago

Well seeing as it was a demo when it was released the public. This in theory is an advert to for the game they are selling. Beta trials are for stress testing, not demo's. I mean people PAID to be in the beta, so that's when they test.(I personally don't agree with paying to get into a beta).
We should not be falling for this 'test' thing anymore, devs have enough experience and data when setting up online infrastructures to make it at least stable.

sampsonon826d ago

@TKCMuzzer: I played all weekend and the game crashed twice on me. i think the troubles are over exaggerated. Because it was a paid to play Beta the servers didn't get tested properly so i agree with you in regards to Beta's should be free, especially if they want to stress test the game properly.

I still believe that the game will be fine for launch. Perhaps a hiccup occasionally like the majority of MP games have the first week after launch.

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Kumakai827d ago

Speak for yourself. The demo only built my excitement for the release. Runs fine on the One X and looks amazing.

neocores8055827d ago

You sure it ran fine?? Cuz digital foundry says otherwise lol

thrust827d ago

@neo DF go mad over a pixel out of place!

They are a joke they point out thing that no one would of noticed.....

TKCMuzzer826d ago (Edited 826d ago )

Er, I think analysis clearly shows it doesn't run fine on any machine. If you count 25FPS on a £450 machine acceptable, then your expectations are to low.

sod pixels, the frame rate analysis was all over the place. Why are people so excepting of poor performance when they are shelling out money. You would not accept it in other industries, so why are games acceptable. Solid 30FPS should be a given in 2019.

rakentaja826d ago

The game doesn't feel optimized at all on Xbox One X. If it is not locked to 30 fps the game feels horrible to play. You may not feel it as much as falling from 60 to 58 or 57 but 30.0000000000000 is absolute minimum you want to experience...Locked like Forza games. Horizon or Motorsport. These games are most "locked" you can image.

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TheGamez100827d ago (Edited 827d ago )

Played the demo and it was fun tbh. But the game is kinda broken which isnt good considering it releases in a couple of weeks. Also its EA so yea, skip the game. The microtransactions will definitely be outrageous post launch.

neocores8055827d ago

I aint trying to be rude and all just being honest. REMEMBER when they said NO LOADING SCREEN IN ANTHEM??? Bet 90% of you guys dont remember lol. Everything in the BETA broken up in sections lol. This game will be BARGAIN Bin 2 Months top maybe even less.

sprinterboy827d ago

The loading screens were my biggest disappointment, took away from the immersion and the exploration, one minute I'm flying or looking around the nxt minute it's loading? Like wtf.

DerekTweed827d ago

Did they really say that?

It was quite surprising to me on the first missions, flying into the mission area and the loading screen pops up, like what?

Livingthedream827d ago

Same shit with Horizon zero dawn but people still bought it

neocores8055827d ago

Lol Horizon never said there were no LOADING SCREENS lol. Dumbass Athem was over here speaking about NO LOAD TIMES WHEN IN GAME LOL. Nice try buddy.

DarXyde827d ago

I don't ever recall anyone saying Horizon: Zero Dawn has no loading.

Where is your source?

sprinterboy827d ago

It's gonna be one of them games with a quick price drop tbh, so may aswel wait. I didn't particularly enjoy the demo and believe the game will take at least a month to receive patches, frame rate fixes etc.
I'll pick it up after the summer around September time tbh or wait for black Friday. I'm just gonna play the SP portion of the game though tbh.

allastocata827d ago

Let the haters hate. Less trolls in the actual game for us to deal with. The more anti-EA people on this forum the less toxic players in the game. Also, the demo was actually very fun, and I am more than happy to throw money at bioware in hopes they come back sometime.

Old McGroin827d ago

@ neocores8055

Played the demo and really enjoyed it so will be buying it. Thanks for your expert, well thought out analysis though!

boing1827d ago (Edited 827d ago )

Will it be trash if I liked the demo?

TKCMuzzer827d ago

Il be honest the performance is worrying. It effects the controls so much when aiming. It was even stuttering when there was no on screen action. It put me right off the game, this is not something that should be happening in 2019. Dial back the effects and hit a consistent frame rate.

starchild826d ago

Well, I hate to say this but I experience unsatisfactory framerates in most games on consoles. It's somewhat rare for console games to be a consistent 30fps like Horizon Zero Dawn. Now, some are better than others, but I don't like to feel stutters even if it only happens every few minutes. That's too frequent for me. And near constant stutters is just unplayable to me. I'm used to the buttery smooth framerates on my PC and Gsync monitor.

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yomfweeee827d ago

The stability of the servers and glitches was more of an issue to me. Probably about half of my expeditions just exited out for no reason. I had a couple UI glitches were I was permanently stuck in the "super" UI.

Dreamcatcher45827d ago

I was stuck in the ult UI too.

Profchaos827d ago (Edited 827d ago )

I went in with an open mind I played it on both PS pro and xbox.

I thought pro had some performance issues especially frame rate drops in the marketplace could be due to it being a earlier build I was running the PC version with a 2070 and it was buttery smooth. The frame rate issues on the console only appeared in the marketplace it the actual levels combat was reasonably smooth.

But I was a bit surprised with the lack of ray tracing given EA already had it in bf.

Still it was visually nice to look at but not that fun to play outside of the jetpack mechanism the combat still felt like a chore enemies are bullet sponges and dumb ai means I can walk right around a turrent or stand in the open perfectly fine.

The game felt uninspired to me not like a true bioware game.

Its just my opinion but I felt like there wasn't any meat to the story elements presented and I don't see the story hitting the heights of mass effect

InKnight7s826d ago

BF was and still a title to test on the new technologies since BF3 with that new lighting, BF4 ugraded destructive and upgraded engine and tons of glitches, BF1 HDR, and now BFV with Ray Tracing.a

Kumakai827d ago

Runs fine on the One X. Couple frame drops when shit is really hitting the fan. A couple times it was sluggish for me but I realized it was my network and not the game itself. Quick reboot fixed it.

Profchaos827d ago

How did you find the performance in the marketplace on the pro I found the console struggled but the game ran smooth enough after that in the actual levels

mrmikew2018827d ago

I had a blast with it. Once they iron out all of the bugs this game is definitely going to be a hit.