Which video game enemy has been your biggest personal nemesis?

Right now Resident Evil 2's Mr. X is the hottest villain on the block, with his hat and his memes and his physique that makes The Rock feel inadequate.

These are the other greatest foes in gaming that have filled players with dread.

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SuperSonic9144d ago

Father Gascoin?
Chainsaw Zombie?

william_cade43d ago

Father G was a pain for sure.

TheGamez10043d ago

Ganondorf, sephiroth, bowser, mother brain, master hand, master xehenort/ansem/xemnas.
Sephiroth is probably my biggest nemesis lol. Square loves to have him as a boss in many spinoffs and collabs even though he should only be from only one title and I love it.

oIITSBIIo43d ago

Soul of Cinder, The Nameless King, Ornstein and Smough (solo walkthrough).

william_cade43d ago

Orphan of Kos, Ludwig, and Aldrich

Fist4achin43d ago

I had a hard time with the Raven King and Vergil.

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