The Hachiko: Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Review

The Hachiko writes: "It's always a treat whenever a news Brothers In Arms game comes out, as I've come to find out that it's one of the only videogame franchises out there that I actually feel emotionally invested in. I didn't even know this myself until sitting down to play Hell's Highway, and suddenly all the good times spent playing the first two games came back to me, and the emotional weight of the plight of Sgt. Baker and the rest of the 101st Airborne hit me full on.

I always feel like I'm getting smarter while playing the Brothers In Arms series, as they're constantly informing me on little known facts and battles that I never knew happened during World War II. The latest game – Hell's Highway – takes us to the namesake, which is where one of the biggest losses of life and blunders during the early days of the war took place."

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