Batman: Arkham Crisis could be the next Batman game

Rocksteady is planning to return to the DC Universe after 2015 for its next Batman Arkham game.

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Vandamme21802d ago

I read about this rumor...apparently it’s not’s wb Montreal.

isarai802d ago

fine with me, they did an amazing job with the boss fights on origins. Would much rather have a game that falls short in it's story than it's gameplay

toxic-inferno802d ago

A lot of this sounds like it could have been made up, to be honest.

I mean, if you had decided to make up a rumour about a new Arkham game, pretty much everything you would come up with is the content in this article. Ridiculously large area, vehicles...

Saying that, the harder stealth sounds promising...

BrettAwesome802d ago

And what about court of owls?

Nodoze802d ago

What is Rocksteady working on. I am thinking it might be a Green Arrow title. Superman is just too difficult to do.

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