Tetsuya Nomura Is Still Very Bitter About Versus XIII

After the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts III came out, there are a lot of details about what could be a re-envisioning of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. This article does contain spoilers.

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-Foxtrot1517d ago

Well I mean it's a shame considering I personally believe Nomura would have made the better Final Fantasy 15 game, Tabata just rushed it along slap dash while getting rid of things or changing them so he would leave his mark of the game not Nomura

Final Fantasy Versus looked amazing

zodiac9091517d ago

Perhaps, but if Nomura was left in charge of 15, everyone would STILL be waiting for it to release 'till maybe even past 2020.

BLizardXD1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Nomura's script writing isn't that much better though. His FFVII AC and dirge of cerberus narrative contrasted Kitase and Hironobu's FFVII. Hironobu and Kitase write the scripts Nomura just does the characters and action.

Omnislashver361517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

That's not a guarantee. The development sucked because of the Luminous Engine/Crystal Tools and PS3, most everything else Nomura has worked on has come out in a timely fashion, KH3 being a prime example.

I think both Nomura and Tabata could have created a better FFXV in a more timely fashion if they were on Unreal Engine. Honestly, the best version of FFXV was back in 2013 when both of them were working on it anyway.

zodiac9091517d ago

It was announced in 2013, got delayed numerous times, and finally comes out 6 years later..that's "timely??" Lol
I blame square for making these announcements WAY too early, I'm scared to even see what happens to ff7 remake.

Omnislashver361517d ago

Delayed numerous times? It was delayed once for marketing purposes. Development was 5 years, 4 years on Unreal Engine.

You're reaching hard here.

pietro12121517d ago

Was it Nomura or Nojima who wrote AC and DoC? Either way both were pretty bad. I haven't played KH3 yet.

Potnoodle9991517d ago

I would’ve vastly preferred that to what we got. Ffxv showed signs of promise but was ultimately a clusterfuck of failures. Mostly narratively.
Whereas ff versus looked incredible in every way. I still get depressed that we will never play that game. The trailers they showed in (I think) 2011 looked amazing, the whole game did 😭😭

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Michiel19891517d ago

it looked amazing from the little snippets we saw. for all we know the rest was garbage or didnt exist at all. They made it pretty clear that work wasnt getting done with Nomura at the steering wheel. Yes he created good stuff in the past, but this project clearly wasnt meant for him whatever way you look at it, I would have loved to see Versus XIII in its original form cause what was released did look interesting, but its a bit too biased of a comment saying he would have made it better or anything like that, while we prob wouldnt have it untill 2025 if that was happening.

LegoIsAwesome1517d ago

Isn't Nomura the one in charge of Versus XIII but nothing is happening? Then Nomura or other SE president or whatever pass it to Tabata so Nomura can focus on KH3? Well the thing is, Nomura wants to show off early by giving us fans a trailer of a game, which what happened to Versus XIII/KH3 and now, 2016 first revealed FFVIIRE.

pietro12121516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

There were a lot of factors besides from Nomura directing it. I.E making them build a entirely new engine that was a pain to work with especially on the ps3. The main reason why Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFVIIR used Unreal 4.

il-JumperMT1517d ago

just look at the leviathan fight of nomura vs the one we got

elesthor1517d ago

He had 15 years...

KH3 should be the proof that whatever Nomura touches turns to dust.

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PhoenixUp1517d ago

Nomura couldn’t direct a title as huge as FFXV & KH3 at the same time as well as the other KH titles released in the interim. Square Enix made the right call moving him to work on KH3 so we could get it out sooner.

Now that KH3 is finally out, Nomura can focus his full his attention on the FFVII remake.

SegaSaturn6691517d ago

I'm bitter too, fkin final part of ff15 blew ass.

Seraphim1517d ago

as am I. Versus XIII was the game I never knew I wanted. Then they showed it, said nothing for a decade then canned what it was saying it was flipped into XV. Now I thoroughly enjoyed XV for what it was and despite it's story focusing only on Noctis, etc, etc, etc. But hot dam, just give us Versus!!

Square Enix has never been very efficient when it comes to development time. So just let Nomura start something now and if we're lucky we'll see Versus around 2025-26.

Godmars2901516d ago

Never been that efficient since placing Nomura in a lead position.

See the connection?

pietro12121516d ago

No, not just him Square hasn't been efficient in development times in a long time now.. not just Nomura directed titles.

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