In under two years, Nintendo boasts five games that sold over 10 million copies

Nintendo has updated its sales figures for Switch software and things are really looking up.

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Jin_Sakai805d ago

The power of great exclusives. My most anticipated games are Zelda: BotW sequel and The Last of Us: Part 2.

Neonridr805d ago

now that the Wii U is out of the equation, I will be excited to see a Zelda title built from the ground up for the Switch. And TLOU2 is going to be a massive day 1 for me.

Jin_Sakai805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

I agree. The next Zelda game will be designed from the ground up for the Switch and it should look even better. Breath of the Wild was already a beautiful game though. The art style was amazing.

The Last of Us: Part 2 will be amazing. I can only imagine what’s in store for us. It’s Naughty Dog we’re talking about here.

Sniperwithacause804d ago

My guess is that another zelda wont be ready till Nintendo's next gen console. That's why this last one got delayed was to take advantage of the switch.

Livingthedream804d ago

Played the Zelda demo at a best buy, and it was a complete jag fest, looked terrible imo. I'm sure it's a great game but the visual quality is just bad.

Bronxs15804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

well when your platform has fewer games vying for the spotlight a small few are bound to sell better. overall game sales on xbox and playstation are higher. for example 0 copies of red dead redemption 2, kingdom hearts 3, gta 5, call of duty, just cause 4, destiny, overwatch, assassins creed odyssey, tomb raider etc were sold on switch so the people had to buy something else to play. not that much quality titles to choose from aside from nintendo first party on switch.

King_Noctis804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

No denying that, although if those first party games weren’t great to begin with, they wouldn’t have sold this well.

Plus, it seems the Switch continues to get more and more third party titles this year.

SuperSonic91804d ago

Sony makes millions on games they did not invest on unlike Nintendo have only one soirce of real money- the games they have to invest on.

MajorLazer804d ago

I have always thought this too. Not due to fanboyism or bias btw

Ratchet75804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

Switch has a lot of great indie games made for playing on the go.
But it is true third party support remains scarce for now and I don't think it 's gonna change any time soon and it' s fine by me.
Nintendo has always been a great second console to me since the n64 and I am OK with that.

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SuperSonic91804d ago

The thing is PS4 makes more on its games - 1st party and 3rd party exclusive and multiplatform games on a yearly basis while Nintendo have one shot titles.
That is the winning strategy that makes the PS4 ecosystem grow exponentially.
10 million sellers are a yearly thing for PS4.

Sirk7x804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

Spider-Man is the first Sony exclusive to get anywhere near 10 million. Uncharted 4 is still under 9 I believe. Smash Ultimate is already the best selling exclusive game of all time in the US.

Bronxs15804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

I don’t think Sony makes more tbh. Sony’s first party games cost hundreds of MILLIONS to make. Think about how much technology goes into a game like the last of us 2 or Death stranding or god of war. It takes tons of artist and developers. Many teams motion capture environmental design character story writers 4K textures r&d new engine designers bug testers audio design engineers implementing Dolby 7.1 video engineers for things like HDR. Millions in development cost for something like uncharted 4. Then Sony shows off these at E3 conferences with freaking orchestras and develop different trailers story cinematic probably pay people to develop story trailers characters trailers etc MILLIONS I say!

Then Nintendo comes along pull out the same Mario Luigi characters same game play maybe put In A new power up some plain colour textures. Entire game download file size is like 2 gb. They might hold a Nintendo direct or not which amounts to posting a video on YouTube. Call that new super Mario bros u switch edition and sells more than say horizon probably doubling sales lol. And to make it worse after 5 or 6 months the Sony games are half price. Another 6 month bargain bin look at uncharted 4 now or infamous second son. The order less than 5 bucks. Bloodbourn free ps plus game all the while the Nintendo game will remain full price until the very end of the gen when next gen comes they do players choice. Freaking donkey Kong tropical freeze on switch is still full price.

Also all those third part games Sony foots a big bill they pay for marketing right to have a ps logo flash at the end of the commercial or right to exclusive dlc or dlc first. 3rd party’s taking their money that’s why they like them and ditched Nintendo. . Meh I think Nintendo makes more all said and done. Coming into this gen PS4 HAD TO SUCCEED for Sony there was not other option. Nintendo has a war chest that they could afford to weather failed system after failed system. Heck they’ve been doing it for generations now. N64 sold less than snes. And game cube sold less than n64. Fill back up the war chest with wii. Then wii u sold less than game cube. Fill back up with switch and so on. Also even a old 3rd party game like Mario rabies kingdom still cost 50 just Cus it has Mario in it. Mean while Assassin creed games on PS4 drop to Bargin bin and free.

DarXyde804d ago

You're always in Nintendo articles, trying to find ways to take shots. It's sad.

They've got great hits. And they actually do better than any other console's first-party lineups.

Get over it.

Neonridr805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

That's pretty ridiculous. The attach rates are pretty nuts. I mean over 1/3 of the Switch userbase has Smash, Zelda, Mario Odyssey and MK8.

mcstorm804d ago

This is the reason Nintendo will never go multi platform. Give it 12 months and both smash and pokemon will be added to that list. How many ps4 and xbox one games have hit them numbers this gen?

Its amazing the attachment rate of the Nintendo consoles even though the wiiu did not sell amazing the attachment rate was still there.

Segata804d ago

Smash & Pokemon are on the list. SMash sold 12.8 million in 24 days. Pokemon on Switch sold 10 million in a month.

SuperSonic91804d ago

Proof that only Nintendo games sell on Nintendo hardware.
Sony doesn't invest on their multi million selling 3rd party multiplats unlike Ninty. They just collect licensing fees. AAA games like GTA, COD, AC, Battlefield, prints the money for them making them many time bigger than Nintendo.

That is the advantage of powerful hardware.

MajorLazer804d ago

What is the overall attachment rate across the board for all games?

Segata803d ago


Actually indies & 3rd parties been happy with sales on Switch. Some games like Monster Boy sold much better on Switch than PS4. Bethesda has been happy enough with sales it's bringing the next Doom & Wolfenstein to the system. Ocotpath sold 1 million in the west alone. It's still getting other big names like Mortal Kombat 11, Samurai Spirits, Dragon Quest XI with exclusive content. It won't get all the AAA content no but it's loaded on Japanese support and plenty of Western middleware support. Recent developer conference has shown an increase of interest to develop for the Switch.

mcstorm803d ago

Segta are sorry missed that. @supersonic not really as other 3rd party games have sold well to. Look back to the wiiu and BO2 it sold a quarter of its install base at launch and that was withwout dlc.

Monster hunter also sold better on the switch. Nintendo always try to be different with there consoles and they should be. They did the me to with the Game cube and

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rainslacker804d ago

It is, but the biggest reason to buy a nintendo console is for the Nintendo produced games. They are of pretty high quality. It's always been like this on Nintendo platforms, even in the NES days. Only difference now is that its not a go-to 3rd party machine, but the Nintendo produced content still makes it worth buying, and it has enough unique 3rd party with the switch to be better than the WiiU.

Neonridr803d ago

It's a great complimentary console. I buy it for the exclusives. I have my PS4 for the Sony and 3rd party stuff.

rainslacker803d ago (Edited 803d ago )

I brought it for the exclusives, or for games which I usually like to play on the go. Switch replaced my Vita for the most part, and it's getting a lot of the same games Vita would have gotten, and many which also come to PS4 which are like what I'd play on Vita....those niche japanese games.

I never had a problem with Nintendo's games. I don't like them all, but I recognize they're generally quality games. They have some duds every now and then, but it's not a common occurance.

Personally, I don't know why Sony and Nintendo players are at each others throats. They tend to have a lot of software between them which appeals to the fan base of both consoles, and long term gamers should recognize that Nintendo makes good software, while sometimes making questionable decisions on hardware. Almost every Nintendo system is worth having if you really play a lot of games. Even the WiiU and Wii had their gems, and generally, didn't lack support from nintendo itself.

About the only time I take a contrarian side to Nintendo is because of their fans which sometimes try and downplay Sony games, or Sony itself, due to console wars, because i find it pointless. I sometimes criticize their decisions on some things, like their online service right now, but otherwise, I consider it a thing that customers can decide for themselves if they want to buy the system or not.

Kribwalker804d ago

Smash sold 12 million copies in 1 month. That dwarfs any exclusive ever im fairly sure

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PhoenixUp805d ago

Extreme software attachment

Doge805d ago

I’m still blown away with how insane Smash did. I expected 6 mill by now not over 12 million.

Sirk7x804d ago (Edited 804d ago )

I think it's the best selling exclusive ever made already. In the US anyways.

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