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Kingdom Hearts III is overflowing with heart, and mostly unconcerned with the head; as such, it’s in dire want of wickedness.

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Snookies12874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

Seriously? This is just stupid. Anyone with half a brain can see the game is solid. It's one thing to give it something like maybe a 6 or 7, but a 4/10?

Obelisk92874d ago

Opinions are opinions, but I agree it is way underscored.

Lord_Sloth873d ago

Anything below a 5 should be due to functionality issues (see Bethesda) and not because the reviewer personally dislike them. A 5 or 6 for a game they dislike or don't find very fun, fine, 5 ad 6 are the middle ground. Nothing outstanding. They find it lackluster, fine, but it still runs great, has a fantastic soundtrack and great visuals. Certainly not a 4.

bouzebbal873d ago

I understand this grade... The game is no improvement over KH2. I'm 5 hours in and feels like it's the exact same game with prettier graphics..
The animations, jumps etc are not improved

Obelisk92873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

@bouzebbal It's worse than KH2 someways, but still I'm kind of enjoying it.

I have to admit the more I play it, the more this score sounds harsh but fair.

I hope combat and difficulty gets better in the endgame.

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Newmanator873d ago


Yourworld873d ago

Can someone dislike or not recommend the game?

If so a 4/10 is a valid score. I mean comments like this is why reviewers inflate reviews and we get an "average" game is a 7.

I won't say this review is right, haven't played KH3, but the point is that if someone is allowed to dislike this game, and from what I hear there's some flaws, then sorry, 4/10 seems acceptable.

Snookies12871d ago (Edited 871d ago )

No, a 4 out of 10 is a game that's just not worth purchasing. It's one thing if the game doesn't strike a chord with you. It's another to give an obviously well made game a low score just because 'you' don't like it personally. As a reviewer, you need to be unbiased. That means not over-hyping something based on your feelings, but it also means not giving it flak just because it doesn't suit your tastes.

Pantz873d ago

There were some sites that gave even Sea of Thieves 4/10. It happens with all games.

Platformgamer873d ago

sea of thieves on day one was an incomplete void disaster.
kingdom hearts 3 is a well done complete game, not perfect of course, but far to be a 4/10 game, a lot far

n1kki6873d ago

Well the good news about the internet is that you could review it and give it your own score. Im glad to see sites use the entire review scale instead of just 7 to 10.

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No Way873d ago

Good lord man, it's an opinion. Your opinion doesn't agree - doesn't mean that their opinion is any less.
Also, all a 4 really states is that the game is "BELOW AVERAGE."

Of course, gamers have skewed and ruined review(s) [scores] anyway.. nothing below an 8 is considered good.
If it's not an 8-10, then the game is a failure. And that's just one way that gamers have helped ruin the industry...

Jin_Sakai873d ago

This ridiculous review dropped Metacritic from an 88 to 86. What a joke.

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Nyxus874d ago

"Too many leather jackets and zips"

Are they trying to be the new IGN?

AspiringProGenji874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

Honestly while this is too low, this is the worst Kingdom hearts game. I am very disappointed with it although there’a some fun to be had

Obelisk92874d ago

I'm just 8 hours in but so far I'm finding it on par with KH2. Still way better than the first installment.

AspiringProGenji874d ago (Edited 874d ago )

On par with 2? No way! The first game is still best

I just made it out of Pooh’s world and is yet another big disappointment. It is only one short chapter and the minigames are candy crush clones. 🤦🏽‍♂️

PhantomS42873d ago

Worst Kingdom Hearts. Try harder lmao, terrible attempt at trolling.

AspiringProGenji873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

It is:

- No Final Fantasy characters (Ok this may not be an issue for everyone but not sephiroth end game is dissapointing.)

- No reaction commands. Instead, they got replaced by annoying and cheesy attractions that are very OP and pop up very frequently. No skill whatsoever

- 7-8 worlds is a low number compared to the over a dozen worlds in KH2. Keep in mind you also revisited these worlds a 2nd-3rd time with a different plot

- Awkward cutscenes and cringy dialogues.

- Proud mode is a joke due to all the flashy combat options. Keyblade transformations are cool but very op and also pop up too frequently. It also makes blocking useless which ironically this game asks you to use.

- exploration also took a hit, which surprises me considering how big the worlds are. In previous games you could go back to open rare chest and get great rewards. This is gone in this game and probably replaced by the hidden marks

- Twilight town is just one smart portion of what it used to be. In KH2 it was much bigger. Why? This is KH3 on current gen consoles

- combat feels too bloated which makes the game very easy. There’s no strategy, just button mashing and lots of flash.

Obelisk92873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

@Genji ok those complains are legit.

It sucks not to have a proper endgame, but hopefully they will release a "Final mix" DLC with harder bosses.

The fact that there's only one chapter for each world may sound bad, but I have to say they feel longer than the chapters in KH2.

I agree on attractions and fusions though. They are pretty OP and make the game feel easier than any other KH game.

HeisenbergX873d ago

Lol what game are you playing 😂 i’m having a blast with it IMO the best KH game hands down i’m a kid again.. nostalgia is blinding you my friend.

AspiringProGenji873d ago

If nostalgia was blinding me I wouldn’t be noticing the issues with this game. I am not sure why not many are not noticing, but I’ll givem everyone more time until they realize what I mean. We’ll talk until then

Larrysweet873d ago

Its amazing these fools retarded

quent873d ago

You're lack of self awareness is distrurbing

dekke873d ago


u are probably right ...ive never played any KH games and im fcking old and streams what ive watched i think its just for some teen ppl ? :P

G3ng4r873d ago

Really the first was never going to be topped unless released again with better camera controls and more nuanced combat. The bittersweet ending was perfect in the same way as final fantasy x's but then the story became convoluted and dumb. Also timeless disney films were replaced with stuff like frozen.

Dark_Knightmare2873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

Lol no just no. Dream drop distance,days,coded etc are all way worse than 3 so gtho with that bait comment. The only game better than 3 is kingdom hearts 2 final mix

AspiringProGenji873d ago

When I said the worst i meant the worst in the main series. Days was awesome btw

Seraphim873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

It could be argued the worst out of the main series only because some of the worlds imo. Then again, KH 1 had Little Mermaid with those atrocious swimming mechanics and play. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it is, I absolutely loved KH3 and at least in 3 the swimming and combat under water is excellent. Anyway, outside some worlds that I wasn't excited for everything else, spot on and phenomenal. And even those worlds I wasn't excited for ended up being really fun. Some I was excited for weren't as exciting but the story line through them was solid.

Regardless, a 4/10 is unwarranted. Any review trying to be professional or write an objective review simply wouldn't stoop there. On it's own merits KH3 is far better than that.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI873d ago

Generally, when trolling you make a mockery of the fanbase and the product. Not yourself LOL

tontontam0873d ago

oh you are one of those, "OLD GAMES ARE BETTER" type of people. you think all the games from your childhood are the best.

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HeisenbergX873d ago

Thanks a lot metacritic runied.. not that it matters the game is amazing. This reminds me of that awful laughable “review” washington post gave to Uncharted 4

franwex873d ago

Um...why ruined? The game at best is a 6. So this review is not unwarranted.

You’re being blinded by nostalgia.

ab6810873d ago

So your opinion is the end all be all? Just curious...

873d ago
franwex873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

No. Just how this reviewers isn’t either.

pcz873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

This game in particular is unanimously agreed to be a jumbled, impenetrable and incoherent mess of storytelling. No amount of hype or nostalgia for Disney or Pixar is going to change that.

It IS a 4/10 game

FalconofLucis98873d ago (Edited 873d ago )

just your shitty, unpopular opinion, still a great functional game, with great gameplay, visuals and music nonetheless.

Weeblordbad873d ago

@FalconofLucis98 what about the gameplay is great? You can't just say great gameplay, because that's not very descriptive at least the games detractor explained their feelings for the game.

"just your shitty, unpopular opinion" pro tip, just because someone says something that's unpopular doesn't make it incorrect.

Araragifeels 873d ago

I have mixed feeling with KH3. The game started amazing but then it felt rushed in the end. There was a little bit less world compare to KH2, and voice acting for some of the character was off or rather there was no excitement behind it. KH3 plot was good but is not better than KH2 plot.

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CaptainOmega873d ago

So far it's like an 8.5 to me. I hope it gets better.

Akarogg 873d ago

8,5 is great, you're using the scale wrong

CaptainOmega873d ago

I’m not using the scale wrong. I was expecting it to at least be a 9 for me. I’m having fun with it, but yeah.