EA Forcing Good Behavior: Get Banned on their Forum and You're Banned from their Games

Ripten: "A recent post by an EA Community Staff member on the company's Command and Conquer message board outlines changes to their policy, stating their intent to link a gamers forum account to their EA gaming account. Why does this matter? Because EA is planning on banning those who get banned on their forum from their games as well.

The post by the EA Community Staff member can be seen below:"

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Imallvol74652d ago

What a TERRIBLE idea . . . You can get banned from forums all the time for dumb stuff. It's all subjective.

Nostradavis4652d ago

Couldn't agree with you more. I have had my account banned so many times on a sports team forum that I don't even remember what account is active anymore.

The Matrix4652d ago

Indeed, I can't count the amount of times I've been banned from forums for flaming final fantasy, but I've since learned to control my anonymity. This world is full of people without morals so what EA is doing is a good idea.

Tony P4652d ago

I agree. A corporate-owned forum is not exactly unbiased. I've seen forums wherein the poster can face a ban for simply saying something 'anti-(company name here)'. I don't know if this is the way EA does business, but I'm also not willing to chance it. I'd rather be able to post my honest opinions than face a constant fear that they could kill my gaming experience.

Stuff like this makes me think it's a bad idea gaming ever came out of the basement.

JsonHenry4652d ago

As a regular member of the EA command and conquer forums I can tell you that you really have to do/say stupid stuff (repeatedly) to get banned. I think they are doing this as a way to get rid of hackers IMO.

And if they banned everyone that trashed EA on their forums NO ONE would be playing online.

vhero4652d ago

what a nice way to say you know all that cash you pay us to play our games? we dont want it thats really how to run a business.... I really cannot see this happening it would be business suicide there online side of gaming is becoming a huge part of their profits and to ban their members would kill their sales!

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greeneggsnsam4652d ago

Just don't go on the forums, I guess.

ThanatosDMC4652d ago

Yes! Exactly! If we cant express ourselves and cant complain about the problems in their game, then we dont bother with them.

FunkYellowMonkey4652d ago (Edited 4652d ago )

Yeah, that's what happens when they (EA) become an all out demonizing bastard, corporate, monopoly of a company. They make so much revenue that they have their heads so up their arses they come out and make these pathetic policies!...

ChickeyCantor4652d ago

The one who disagreed with you and the first two above...
WTF? the guy who is disagreeing is either from EA or just a brainless monkey.

Jdoki4652d ago

Sounds draconian, but whatever.

If people act like idiots on forums they are probably the same squealing pre-pubescent racist homophobic idiots encountered in online games! Kills two birds with one stone.

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