Seven Resident Evil Games You Might Have Missed

Numbered entries aside, there have been a whole host of other Resident Evil games, across multiple platforms. Here are some you might have missed.

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microgenius964d ago

Code veronica
the most difficult RE ever

2pacalypsenow964d ago

Hell yeah it is.

That tyrant on the plane bit is a pain.

ButchKween964d ago

That was my 1st entry into the series and yes it's very hard but so rewarding. If you don't play it right you can't actually progress If you're low on ammo 4 boss fight on plane or final boss. or if u don't leave ammo for the 2nd character later in the game in item box. I found that out the hard way. Just FYI even though Claire's the main character you play Chris for the final boss fight you better make sure there's enough items for him in the Box or you are [email protected]#$d

2pacalypsenow964d ago

Fun fact, Code Veronica is actually the sequel to 2 and RE3 is a spin-off

IRetrouk964d ago

Originally yes, it was going to be a spin off with a different lead, they changed it to Jill to tie it into the series and made it a companion title to 2 instead, cv is a sequel to both lol