PlayStation Plus: Cloud Storage Expanding to 100GB, Free Games for February

In early February, cloud storage space will be expanded from 10GB to 100GB for PS Plus members — giving PS4 owners even more space to keep all those game saves.

For Honor and Hitman is featured on PS4. Also included are:

Divekick, PS3 (Cross-Buy with PS Vita)
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3
Gunhouse, PS Vita (Cross-Buy with PS4)
Rogue Aces, PS Vita (Cross-Buy with PS4)

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SpaceRanger1515d ago

MGS4 to send off the beauty and beast of last gen. Nice.

TiredandRetired1515d ago

Yes, I owned it only pre-trophy release, so I want to play it again bc a)trophies and b) it's a damn good game.

Only wish Vita didn't go out on such a whimper. Considering JRPG fans are the ones probably still playing it to this day, they could have given us something solid. Demon Gaze 1 or 2 (although I already own 1), or a similar labyrinth JRPG, or something else entirely. At least 1 non-indie.

Hitman 1st season is very solid! I have been wanting to buy that still, so I'm excited for that. For Honor looks interesting, although I'm not much of a MP guy. I'll give it a shot considering the theme.

Overall, great month, despite the Vita whimper.

Donnie811515d ago

For honor has a campaign as well. Nothing groundbreaking but worth a play through

TiredandRetired1515d ago

Ok, thanks for that info, Donnie!

UltraNova1515d ago

Dont have either, great month afaic. What a great send-off for the ps3 with MGS4...

Profchaos1515d ago

Yeah I recently dusted off my vita and took the plunge and brought a bigger memory card to hold all the awesome games I kept in saying it would be nice to play but it's to annoying to backup and download and play.

I've spent the past week playing games like borderlands 2, AC liberty, Killzone Merc, ratchet and Clank the list goes on and honestly the vita had so much potential it's just such a shame Sony gave up on it so easy it really was the switch before the switch in some ways like I was able to cross play my save games between PS3 and vita to pick up where I left off

bouzebbal1515d ago

Wow an amazing month!!!

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dkeat1515d ago

For honor. Called it when they announced steep.

Sono4211515d ago

Honestly, pretty great month, cool stuff. I also just repurchased games pass on Xbox so I have so many games to play now it's overwhelming lol

rainslacker1515d ago

I never played it again since the trophy patch, so this might be a good reason to do so. More backlog I guess

-Ghost1515d ago

So glad they expanded cloud saves to 100GB. I was just uploading my game saves and didn't have enough space.

Cmv381515d ago

I found out the hard way that the storage space fills fast.

KyRo1515d ago

It's insane to think we used to save our data on a 15 mb memory card, usually in a 1mb slot in the PS1 days to what we have now.

zahdab1515d ago

for some reason save files for ps4 are huge even for the same games where they are tiny on ps3 ...
funny enough i believe they get compressed before uploading to the ps plus but ps plus still reports the uncompressed size.

When i was on a real slow connections 30 mb files would upload in seconds which judging by my connection at the time means they were < 1 mb

kayoss1515d ago

Digital games are great, convenient, and load a bit quicker. But games are no longer in single digit GB, they are going into double digit GB and wouldnt be surprised if next gen, we see games that 100gb plus. Even with hard disk going cheaper, you will run out room fast.

TiredandRetired1515d ago

Yea, I was going through recently deleting auto-saves from demos and betas. Not that I care to keep those, it's just good to not have to squeeze out every hidden MB to save a game. Some of them can be quite large.

MrVux0001515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

*mash that X for dem nostalgia flashbacks boi*

StormSnooper1515d ago

Are you saying it wasn’t good?

galmi1515d ago

Compared to the first five games (peace walker included), I felt it was the weakest

MrVux0001515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Where did you get that impression? lol
It is a reference to the optional button (X) mashing some cut-scenes had in MGS4 for flashbacks.

To me personally it is one of the best games of all time, when it released it has truly blown us away by its gameplay, graphical fidelity and cinematography.

It also had one of the most heart-wrenching endings i have ever seen... *ugh....someone is cutting onions again*

KyRo1515d ago

The last great MGS. I'll always pretend MGSV didn't happen. MGS4 closed everything it needed too. It's a shame the direction it went in with V

Nyxus1515d ago

What about Peace Walker? People always forget about that one. I think MGSV is great by the way, but MGS4 also got a lot of hate when it was new.

TheSinsibleOne1515d ago

4 is my favourite. Too damn epic. 5 doesn't exist.

Matrix61515d ago

Wow! I've always wanted to have MGS4 as digital, planning on playing back to back MGS games on my PS3.

TheUndertaker851515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

I really hope they don’t think upping cloud storage is going to be a suitable replacement for two different libraries of games. Since they’ll be removing value they need to make up for that value or drop the price.

Not to mention another company gives out cloud storage to all users of their console for free, not just subscription members.

KickSpinFilter1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Pretty sure they will be adding PSVR rather soon.
Again worst case your paying 16 cents a day for online gaming.
What else is that cheap, I spend 2.50 for a second cup of coffee per day that works out to $912.50 yearly.
$47.99 (cuz you only buy when on sale) per year is nothing.

TheUndertaker851515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

But that’s absolutely stupid and not adding any value either. PSVR games have already been distributed by PS+.

I’m also positive more people benefit from PS3 & PS Vita games versus PSVR. There’s even more Vitas out there versus PSVR. There’s definitely more PS3s.

I like your coffee example but it’s poor. I buy coffee for between $4.50 and $8. What I buy with that amount of money provides me with over 200 cups of coffee.

xHeavYx1515d ago

It's time to let the PS3 and PSVITA go man.

StormSnooper1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

But they also provide services that the other side doesn’t like free to play without paywall Or Spotify background music (unless I think they also got it recently?) I’m sure there are others.

uth111515d ago

@undertaker - only a handful of PSVR games have been given out on PS+. it's not every month

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Silly gameAr1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Always have to have that one guy that thinks he's owed everything for 60 dollars a year.

TheUndertaker851515d ago

Or maybe I know how to identify that going from the current program to the proposed one:

PS3 games
PS Vita games
PS4 games
Cloud storage

PS4 games
Cloud storage

It really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to identify they’d effectively be removing half of the current PS+ program and yet still charging $60 a year.

So again, there’s no twist. That’s effectively removing value.

Oh, and to you I say personally, isn’t that like the one who always comes charging in when anything negative is pointed out about Sony?

trooper_1515d ago

@Undertaker: Apply for a job at Sony and give them your feedback.

I mean...for someone to complain about this is really baffling.

Kribwalker1514d ago

always have to have some die hards defend moves that aren’t in the consumers favour. They are giving you less for the same money. How is that a good thing?

monkey6021515d ago

That well is drying up dude. There's been such measly choices on the PS3 and Vita for months now. Could even go as far as to say 2 years. It had to end sometime and there was plenty of pre warning.

KickSpinFilter1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Not exactly while yes my first cup of coffee from home is yes $4-8 for a pound of coffee yields sure 200 cups of coffee.
My second coffee when I'm at work: the local coffee shop charges me $2.50 for my cold brew, per coffee.
So not a poor example at all.
As for the PS3/PS Vita time to put them to rest, it's been 13 years of support for PS3 and plenty for a failed device like Vita, Time to move forward with PS4/PSVR. Not only that we don't know what their plan is for PS4 perhaps they up it to 3 games per month. Plus free MP games are not behind a paywall, unlike some other company.

TheUndertaker851515d ago

I have a travel cup so I don’t have the added expense when I go out. The point is you’re making the choice to buy that second cup, not being forced to.

That’s also the point. At this time there has been zero explanation about what will be added. They have made it very clear what they will be removing. So at this point Sony has a choice, exactly as I said in the first place. I don’t see upping cloud storage as a replacement to removing full titles and libraries. They can either add content or drop the price. But as is should not be acceptable. They’re literally preparing to charge the same for less.

jznrpg1515d ago

No way you get 200 cups of coffee unless your coffee tastes like water

BLow1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

And that other console makes you pay to play F2P games. And the only reason you are getting games in the first place on the other console is because of this console. You all, including myself, paid for Live last gen and got nothing. And fanboys praised it. All of you, again including myself, still paid it. I actually stopped after my 3 console got the RROD but most continued. People complained about not getting AAA games and now that we are getting AAA games, some are still complaining. Most people don't buy every single AAA game that comes out including myself so this month is great for a lot of people.

They didn't have to up the storage but they did. We don't know what will happen once they stop with giving out PS3 and Vita games. Plus ,I thought no one owned a Vita and now you want all the games for it. I don't get it. How about you wait and and see what they do first before complaining and just enjoy all these games you are getting now. Plus all the games you have got all these years that they have been doing this even before this gen.

Question: How long do you want them to continue to give out PS3 and Vita games seriously? We won't mention the other console because they just started this gen and not at the very start either. This month, the games offered pretty must offset the cost of a yearly sub to PS Plus. I will put these games in my already huge backlog. I am grateful. I don't care if they just gave out 1 game. Anything is better than nothing and we know who started that....

DerekTweed1514d ago

I think his point is if you take the before value and after value, they are giving you less.

I think he want to be given something of equal value that he was already getting for his money, not less.

So it doesn't have to be PS3 and PSVita games.

jordan22290ps1515d ago

I mean, we are getting less for the same price so I agree. Idk what the downvotes are for. It's common sense. And no it's not entitlement or thinking I'm owed something. I hope they throw in an extra game. On a side note, I wish they'd take the ps3 games that are given every month and put them on ps now. I'd love to play MGS4 again but don't have my old ps3

uptownsoul1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

Your logic is flawed…You keep claiming the value is in the number of games offered…But the value can be made up in several ways…Let me give you just 2 examples:

More AAA PS4 games throughout the year. Or maybe…More recent AAA PS4 games (the more recent a game is, the more it costs the consumer…thus creating more value if they get put into PS+ sooner)

TheUndertaker851514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

I don’t have to have logic to say that Sony has not stated one little bit of what you just did. So until they do again, this isn’t hypocritical. They’ll be removing content with no replacement at this point in time.

And as evidenced above apparently the majority don’t have an issue with that, even if they’ll be paying the same.

Makes perfect sense right? Claiming the value could rise while arguing that the cost should stay the same? And apparently there’s something wrong with wanting the same amount of content. But cutting content in half is cool too because it’s old content.

crazyCoconuts1515d ago

I didn't realize XBL does cloud for non-Gold members. That's nice.
I suspect Sony will share some news about something for PS Plus users before March as I don't think they'll like having MS give away more games per month than them. Maybe something that utilizes PSNow games somehow... Just wishful thinking

CP_Company1515d ago

Removing PS3 and vita games does not change anything because most of the people does not own those systems but increasing cloud storage benefits all members that it is very important especially with PS5 when saves going to take even more space.

jznrpg1515d ago

The Vita and PS3 have lived good lives but it’s time to let go . I still play my Vita but I’d rather have PSVR games because generally what we get on Vita isn’t so great. PS5 is coming and it’s time to transition . I download the games they give away on PS3 but I either have them already or rarely play any of them. This was going to happen no matter what and right before PS5 coming out is longer than I had expected. They will replace it with something and someday we will get PS5 PSVR2 and maybe even ps Vita 2 games ( I really hope so!) All good things come to and end

beulahland1514d ago

@TheUndertaker85 correct.

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