IGN: Valkyria Chronicles Review

Valkyria Chronicles is a game that all PS3 owners should at least try out, especially considering its unique blend of genre forms. With such a robust collection of extras to backup an already impressive mission roster and gripping story, Valkyria Chronicles comes highly recommended. IGN strongly encourages you to try it out and see the beauty of Gallia and its people.

Presentation - 9.5
Graphics - 9.0
Sound - 9.0
Gameplay - 9.0
Lasting Appeal - 8.5
Overall -

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Homicide4270d ago

Another AAA for the PS3? Great score. Didn't expect this.

sonarus4270d ago

Does EVERYTHING have to be AAA. This AAA talk is getting annoying. By now most of us have played the demo and its a fantastic title that fully deserves the score period. No need to over dramatize it with AAA here and there

Parapraxis4270d ago

Another 90 (or better) for the PS3? Great score. Didn't expect this.
That better?

LightningPS3PS34270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

Brilliant game. Hell, I might even buy this over fallout 3. I was that impressed.

PS3 is finally in full swing now.

Ninja-Sama4270d ago

Another must buy b!tches!

meepmoopmeep4270d ago

i always had my eye on this game.
the demo sealed the deal.

Day ONE!

Sarcasm4270d ago

"This AAA talk is getting annoying"

LOL that made me seriously laugh.

I agree the term AAA is just a marketing term and it's pretty annoying now.

NaiNaiNai4270d ago (Edited 4270d ago )

well acording to the you guys broke your own rules its not a AAA title.
or 8.8 on n4g

doesn't it suck when you get hit with your own crap.
(good game gona pick it up on monday for my new ps3 YEAH)
*loves to play both sides*

Marceles4270d ago

Another good game? sigh...

(looks at fly come out of wallet)

Fallen_Angel4270d ago

got to laugh at the ps3 fanboys here. The game is made by sega and lets not forget what happen with the last exclusive sega made for the ps3

Danja4270d ago

So im guessing ur saying Sega will eventually port this game over to the 360 ? umm who cares exactly it would take a couple months b4 that would happen if "this was suppose btw" and by then I would just about be finshed with this game probably still playing RFOM2 and LBP , two that will never see the light of day o the 360...

almost every game that was once 360 is now being ported ported over to the PS3 so I guess we can share

callahan094270d ago

And this is from IGN who gave the other strategy RPG masterpiece from this year (Disgaea 3) a 6.7 or around abouts. I loved Disgaea 3, and I loved the demo for this, so something tells me this will be in my PS3 for a long time!

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SkolarVisari4270d ago

It seems like an interesting game, it too bad the next two months are stacked...

shawnsl654269d ago (Edited 4269d ago )

yeah i think i'll pass on this title. looks good, but november and december is keeping my card occupied with other goods. Maybe i just suck at strategy rpg like final fantasy tactics =X. Although if someone were to record all the Cinematics in this game and post it on youtube or some other site so i can watch the story line, that'd be great.

Parapraxis4270d ago

Wow..just wow.. maybe I should go back and try the demo again.
PS3 is racking them up like crazy.

Raoh4270d ago

same here. was expecting 8's across the board making this a good rpg game worthy of our time.

9? that's the score i would give it, not the score i would expect reviewers to give..


Rattles4270d ago

but its still not my type of game, a real RPG plz!