Detroit Closing in on 3 Million Units Sold; Quantic Dream Aiming to Expand Studio to 300 Developers

David Cage stated that Detroit: Become Human is now closing in on 3 million units sold. Quantic Dream will expand from 200 to 300 developers for the next multi-platform project thanks to the deal made with NetEase.

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Nyxus50d ago

It's also the studio's biggest commercial success to date. Congrats to QD and well deserved!

ccgr50d ago

Congrats on a job well done!

KaiPow50d ago

Even if you don't like Cage's storytelling in Detroit, the game is undoubtedly impressive from a visual and technical standpoint.

ClayRules201250d ago

Indeed. QD are always raising the bar with photorealistic graphics, and Detroit has some of the best characters models I’ve ever seen in a game. A visual treat for the eyes.

Chris_Wray50d ago

Despite how wonky their titles can be, I've got a soft spot for Quantic Dream. Nice to see. I do think that they'd be better off also making smaller titles to make a more consistent revenue stream if they're going to expand that much.

Livingthedream50d ago

I should have picked this game up

ClayRules201250d ago

Yes, yes you should have lol. Joking with ya.

Honestly tho, it’s never too late. The game “in my opinion” is their best work to date. And I love Heavy Rain & BEyond two Souls.

Definitely worth checking out & giving a try. There’s a demo on the PlayStation store, if your on the dense or haven’t played their previous games.

Livingthedream50d ago

I sold my ps4 pro last year, but I'll probably pick one up again when last of us 2 releases. I'm hoping the ps5 will release soon, and pick that up instead.

bluefox75550d ago

@livingthedream Lol why? Unexpected financial burden? I've been there, but I'd probably cry if I had to sell my PS4, lol.

Livingthedream50d ago

@bluefox nah, my bros and I mainly play on xbox, so I decided to sell it while i could still make money on it. PS has tons of great games, so I will eventually pick one up again lol, but I'm really hoping the ps5 is announced for a release next year and its backwards compatible, would be a pretty sweet deal if enhanced the games like the X is doing.

The Wood50d ago

I grabbed it on sale a couple weeks back. Only just started it.

ClayRules201250d ago

Cool. i hope you really enjoy the game!

MasterCornholio50d ago

You could probably get it at a discounted price now.

ClayRules201250d ago

Oh okay. Well, TLoU2 would definitely get me to buy a PS4 again, if I sold mine.

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The story is too old to be commented.