Sony President on Possible PS3 Shortages: Bring it On

In an interview with NikkeiBP, PlayStation 3 mastermind Ken Kutaragi says that he's "looking forward to facing the dilemma" of global PS3 shortages. Sony currently plans to ship one million PS3s per month after launch.

In the interview, translated by, Kutaragi also explains how a "quasi-simultaneous" worldwide PS3 launch was an especially important decision for Sony, as "it is no longer acceptable for us to limit our initial launch to a certain area."

Grown Folks Talk6552d ago

and you can upgrade the hard drive ect, why would anyone buy their 120gig, when you can just get an existing large drive which will probably be cheaper? or even an external drive connected to the usb port if that's allowed for saves.

joemutt6551d ago

I thought it was only 60, but I could be wrong.

Gamer136552d ago (Edited 6552d ago )

ill just wait till my local store start taking pre orders then i make my payment. i pre order my 360 at my local store and got it on launch day - hope the same thing happens with the ps3.

Anerythristic266552d ago

I really wonder if they will sell a MILLION a month! At $600US hmm. I think that is overconfident or that estimate is bogus. I understand the launch shipments will fly off the shelves but every article I have read states that after that the sales will slow way down because not one person sees that 600 price tag as mainstream. I can't wait till Nov. I want to see what happens.

Sphinx6551d ago

I am really interested to see what happens... we're making history, boys! Videogame history! :)

ps3willrule6551d ago

well to give u a veiw in canada toys r us chains all over were dumb and took pre orders a while back and they sold looks good so far....and if u go back ps2 sold more then a million a month in the 4 months it first came out in europe and japan and north america alone..

kidvideo6551d ago

But how can they move a million a month at $700 to $800 once you add extra controller and a couple games?????