Players Have Killed More Zombies in Resident Evil 2 Remake Than the Population of Japan

From GameWatcher: "Resident Evil 2 Remake has intrigued a staggering amount of players, the peak number of concurrent players on Steam alone being over 70k at the time of writing."

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IRetrouk829d ago

Are they really dead though?? These new old zombies are tough

CloudStrife900829d ago

Agreed 100%

I tend to run past any that I can, to conserve ammo. Oftentimes they come back for round 2, 3, 4 and 5 - sometimes hours later, if I plug them (even in the head) with the pistol. I love how tough they are though.

Eidolon828d ago

I try to run too, but will use ammo, even shotgun, to kill ones that are in a common path. I sometimes try with a handgun bullet, sometimes it will bullseye and blow their head off with one hit.

stanr828d ago

I gave up on killing them and just shot them in the leg.

Tech5828d ago (Edited 828d ago )

IRetrouk "Are they really dead though?? These new old zombies are tough"

there was actually a complaint about this on the threads. you can not simply head shoot them anymore like in traditional zombie games. which changes the lore about RE now.

for gameplay sake though it adds more to it i guess.

BLizardXD828d ago (Edited 828d ago )

even though it's part of the story the game would obviously be too easy for head shots. can't blame them for breaking story protocol. also they are not really zombies. the T-Virus however still needs the brain intact in order to control body functions. so yeah it still goes back to shooting them in the head to correctly disable them. like zombies.

IRetrouk828d ago

Yeah I think it was just a gameplay decision, maybe they will patch in a head shot fix, but probably not, it does add to the tension.

Profchaos828d ago

Agree I remember them taking two or three well placed headshots and dying now they take like 10 shots and still don't die

Profchaos828d ago

Kind of disappointed the shotgun isn't a one shot head pop

Eidolon828d ago

It more often is than not, and 2 is guaranteed. Honestly haven't needed shotgun other than for the W. B. fight and blowing off heads.

Eidolon828d ago (Edited 828d ago )

Sometimes they stay dead sometimes, not. I'm doing hardcore first playthrough, and I'd rather take my chances they they pop back up, just need them down to run a faster path(because I will reload last save just to save ammo and medicine). I have 0 ink ribbons now, and Mr X is on my asssss, ran into lickers cause of him lol

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PaleMoonDeath828d ago

I think half of those kills are from me on 4th Survivor mode.. easily the hardest part of the game, I've beat both Leons and Claires story on Harcore, and nothing was more brutal than that 10 minute slice.. I actually survived though!

--bienio--828d ago (Edited 828d ago )

I’m not going pretending but I’m one of them who kills zombies 😂😂😂 anyway RE2 super game for me at the moment GOTY!!

gantarat828d ago

I don't like that zombie didn't die after shoot 10 bullet in the head.
So i shoot the legs to Dismemberment them. it's far easier to dodge them when they're crawling.

BLizardXD828d ago (Edited 828d ago )

yeah. gameplay also has to be challenging too. most gameplay in games break story logic anyways. usually cinemas in games are filled with one shot kills. but in gameplay it usually takes 15-20 shots and 10 minutes later. it's just game design by default.

--bienio--828d ago

I need to try this way😂

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