Seagate introduces 2TB Game Drive for PS4

Officially licensed by Sony, Seagate's PS4 Game Drive is designed to boost storage space and offer game portability.

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jaymacx836d ago

Overpriced. a Non - licensed HDD is the same price but double the capacity (4TB)

Tazzy836d ago

I paid $90 for my western digital 4tb and its great.

jaymacx836d ago

by the time PS5 comes out we could probably get 8TB for $100.

Master of Unlocking835d ago

Gee, thanks for the link, but those hard-drives there are external, so I'll probably use it to buy one to store my 4K movies to run them on my PS4 Pro Media Player... sucks that I need to find free software that will convert all those HEVC/MKV vids in H.264/MP4 ones, as the PS4 Pro Media Player won't play them otherwise. But thanks anyway.

Hroach616836d ago (Edited 836d ago )

Uuum I’ve had this exact one for my PS4 pro for over a year. And I only paid $80CDN on a sale then. So I’m not sure what this article is referring to. I know it was about a year give or take a few weeks because I got it around the time I moved.
I have the same one but the Xbox version for my 1X I got a couple weeks after that. I don’t remember what I paid for that one not on sale but it sure as hell wasnt $119.99CDN.
I’m confused by this article lol

Abnor_Mal836d ago

My Western Digital 2TB external is almost full, only have about 50GBs left. On Black Friday I bought a WD 4TB for $80 at BestBuy online.
QUESTION: Is there a way for me to transfer all my installs from the 2TB to the 4TB, say if I plug them into a laptop computer? Thank you in advance for answering.

*This is for the PlayStation4 if that's any help.

Nodoze836d ago

Lost me at Seagate. Sorry but their drives SUCK,

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