The Pain Of Deleted Save Files - Stardew Valley Edition

This could almost be titled “Ode to a lost farm” because, well, accidents happen sometimes, and the farm I’d spent hours on has vanished into the digital ether, never to return. But the memories remain nonetheless, and the promise of a new plot of land is almost as exciting as the farm that had disappeared.

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PhoenixUp53d ago

Good thing backing up saves now is more accessible than ever

Nintendew53d ago

First time I ever played Final Fantasy 7, disk 2, just got cloud back and was materia LVing up.
Power outage while saving, great timing.
Due to memory card almost full took awhile to save.
First/Second play threw went easier.
.....not done.
Smash Bros Wii U, buddy erased data to make room for another game, erased everything!