Driveclub is the Most-Played PS4 Driving Title with Estimated 10.5 Million Players

Some good news for fans of the PlayStation 4’s first exclusive driving game. According to player trophy information, 2014’s Driveclub has the largest number of players in the genre, at a staggering 10.5 million.

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Jin_Sakai602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

While it had a rough launch Driveclub turned out amazing in the end. The visuals still hold up today. The weather effects were also something to behold.

It’s sad to see Evolution Studios go. I can only imagine what Driveclub would’ve been like with a PS4 Pro. I can only imagine what Driveclub 2 would’ve been like on PS5.

Gamist2dot0602d ago

Yeah, I tried to play this on the 4K TV with the Pro and it looks terrible.

bluefox755602d ago

Terrible? Even without a pro patch, it still looks better than 99% of everything else out there

UltraNova601d ago (Edited 601d ago )

Haha, DC is even better looking than Project cars 2 and The crew 2...on my 4k oled running on a Pro. Hell it looks better than GT S at times!

Troll harder.

nix601d ago


Did the game on 4K have a tone of green shade? Envy was probably screwing the brain and your sight.

KickSpinFilter601d ago

Have a 4K/Pro an no looks amazing.
I had a Plasma 1080 with a org PS4 looked amazing
The only time it did not when I had my org PS4 on the new 4K TV that looked horrible, but the pro fixed that, not only for Driveclub but for all games.

kayoss601d ago

@Gamist2dot0 How come, i have a feeling this is B.S??

Ding601d ago (Edited 601d ago )

UltraNova5h ago(Edited 5h ago)
Haha, DC is even better looking than Project cars 2 and The crew 2...on my 4k oled running on a Pro. Hell it looks better than GT S at times!

That's a mathematical impossibility junior.. When Drive Club was released, HDR wasn't accepted as a standard via the HDMI 2 licence and the 2.0b addendum

HDMI 2.0b was released March, 2016.[117] HDMI 2.0b initially supported the same HDR10 standard as HDMI 2.0a as specified in the CTA-861.3 specification.[115] In December 2016 additional support for HDR Video transport was added to HDMI 2.0b in the recently released CTA-861-G specification, which extends the static metadata signaling to include Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG).[115][118][119]

Sony added this to ALL PS 4s in System Update 4 in 2016..

Sept 2016.

The Uberrace's uberracer

Wide Colour
・Colour space increased by 64% from sRGB.
・10nm scale spectroscopic measurement. (Measurement of the spectral base.)
・Full wide colour space workflow using BT.2020 at all stages of production, from data capture, materials creation, rendering to output.

Was built from the ground up for the Wide Colour Gamut, which uses 16bit per RGB element as opposed to HDR 10 and 12. Its also built on the BT 2020 industry standard which only has 2x resolutions

Rec. 2020 defines two resolutions of 3840 × 2160 ("4K") and 7680 × 4320 ("8K").[1] These resolutions have an aspect ratio of 16:9 and use square pixels.[1]

Frame rate
Rec. 2020 specifies the following frame rates: 120p, 119.88p, 100p, 60p, 59.94p, 50p, 30p, 29.97p, 25p, 24p, 23.976p.[1] Only progressive scan frame rates are allowed

N-A-T-I-V-E UHD in 4K or 8K basically 4K 120 = 8K 60

・Data capture using a bespoke camera developed by PDI.
・Brightness range 100 times higher than the current camera standard.
・Gran Turismo will support current HDR TV’s as well as future HDR devices reaching brightnesses up to 10000 nits. (HDR10・ST.2084)
・GT Tonemap enabling complete compatibility between Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) and HDR TVs.

GT Sports offers 10,000nits of luminence which is 100x better than Drive Club or trash like RDR 2 on the XboneX

Here's Vincent showing Sonys prototype 85" 8K offering 10,000nits and look what racing game is in the background

So if you even dream about comparing anything to the REAL Driving Simulator again, you'd better wake the hell up and apologise.


C-H-E-F601d ago

Don't worry folks he was looking at his reflection and was like ohhhh i look terrible, he wasn't talking about Driveclub.

Gamist2dot0601d ago

To all who thinks DC looks pristine in 4K, no it does not since it didn't get the patch it deserves and it has to do with resolution not the graphics. What I saw was what I saw. I take a lot of screenshots of games when I play especially when the graphics are phenomenal like DC. DC looks perfect on an HDTV but not on 4K without a patch.

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crazyCoconuts602d ago

I liked it a lot but not having a Pro version and not Pro enhancing the VR version was disappointing. Then GT Sport not having full VR support was another kick in the pants. At least we have Dirt Rally VR which is great but I feel like the driving genre is on of the biggest areas of improvement for Sony going forward, at least for VR

Profchaos602d ago

I actually really enjoyed driveclub VR I thought it was an excellent racing title and played well online

602d ago
TKCMuzzer601d ago

I only got around one bend in VR before by body said "i don't think so sunshine". I can do some games in VR( Astrobot is a marvel) but driving ones are just a little to much for finely balanced senses. :)

darthv72602d ago

Not only am I sad there may never be a Driveclub sequel but no more Motorstorm games as well. I can only imagine the quality (both visually and game play) that a PS5 Motorstorm could bring. Pacific Rift is still my favorite.

VenomUK602d ago

Motorstorm was one of the great PS3 franchises, it was a racing game that was designed to be fun. DriveClub suffered from an identity crisis in that it was an arcade racer as well as a real race simulator. There were some ambitious social racing ideas which were ahead of their time, now they ironically live on in rival game Forza Horizon. A real shame but I would love to see a new Motorstorm debut on PS5.

Kribwalker602d ago

motorstorm one and 2 were fantastic racing games

UltraNova601d ago (Edited 601d ago )

I still remember my reaction when I first laid eyes on Motorstorm running on a HD TV real-time...I was floored. The mud, the rocks, the vehicle and ragdoll physics, the fun game play...those were the times!

Its a real shame the studio had to be closed. I'm still baffled as to why that happened.

On other news, the guys behind Motorstorm made Onrush. Played it a couple hrs so far. Its no Motorstorm, lets get that out of the way. I feel I've seen everything in the first couple hrs...its a bit stale. Its a shame really because underneath its a solid effort. It just lacks variety.

sprinterboy602d ago

Sony could have used driveclub as there forza killer imo, release a new driveclub every 2 years to have competed with forza during holidays.
Mind boggles why they closed them, I do scratch my head at some dicision making from Sony sometimes.

DaDrunkenJester602d ago

These things happen, it's certainly never a simple decision or something that just happens over night. Plenty of studios from all companies get shut down for myriad of reasons.

Obscure_Observer602d ago


"Mind boggles why they closed them, I do scratch my head at some dicision making from Sony sometimes."

I´m sure they will regret their decision based on those MAUs numbers! 10.5 million players! O.o

Forn602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

I think the reason they were closed is because of a few factors. The game continuously got delayed before launch. The game director left during production. And then when the game finally did launch, the online was botched big time and it took far too long for Evolution to figure out how to get things running properly. Even though the offline mode had a lot of content, it wasn't enough to combat the black eye the game had at launch because of its online mode. The studio then went into a sort of shutdown mode where it wasn't reaching internal benchmarks according to Sony. I'm sure Evolution was bleeding money and wasn't seeming to produce enough in terms of value to warrant Sony to keeping them open. Then the studio was snatched up by Codemasters and they created Onrush. And if anything, Onrush is an indication as to Evolution's decline as a studio. Broken online, glitches, lack of meaningful content, limited game modes, limited replayability, etc. Part of me REALLY wishes that Evo had just decided to wet their feet on PS4 with a Motorstorm trilogy remaster first instead of creating Driveclub. It would have allowed them to better understand the hardware right off the bat, learned some lessons, and then working on Drivelub at that point would have been a smoother process.

AmUnRa601d ago

The development for this game was a desaster, it got a few delays, and it was ment to be a online racer foremost but, the time was not right for this game. The online part was dificult to develop and has cost a boatload of money. I think the game did'nt make even a profit.

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Knushwood Butt602d ago

Was playing it again the other day.

Am considering buying the Bikes expansion.

This data proves that 2 first party driving games can co-exist on Playstation, and that Sony made a mistake by closing Evolution.

IRetrouk602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

Get it, it's well worth the asking price.

darthv72602d ago

wow... a bike expansion. That sort of reminds me of PGR4. Another series that has gone the wayside.

IRetrouk602d ago

I said from day one driveclub felt like a ps4 version of pgr4, one of my most played 360 games man, nobody listened😭

sprinterboy602d ago

Best bike game on ps4 also, it's great handling.

badz149602d ago

I platinumed both the base game and Bike expansion. played Driveclub for over a year and has gotten all 100% in the DLC too. great great game! the graphics, handling, weather all top notch! playing it with wheels like the G29 that I have is really AWESOME! xbots can troll the game all they want calling it not open world like Forza Horizon or whatever but that is the reason I love DC and GTS and Dirt games! I just want to select a race and race! there are too many open world games out there that allow me to drive freely already, I don't need them in my racers! sad they closed Evolution for the initial performance of the game as they could have done wonders to the IP given enough opportunities.

They even still owe PS4 owners a Motorstorm game, damn it! this is one of the things I am really pissed at Sony this gen right after they start charging for MP.

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Tear111602d ago

All because the haters!!
When they smashed the reviews just to destroy the title for Forza.

The game was great it deserves 8 at least.
Few problems can be fix and it did fixed.

Obscure_Observer602d ago (Edited 602d ago )


"All because the haters!!"

Nonsense! Same thing happened to SFV, NMS, Killer Instinct and SoT!

rainslacker602d ago

It was rating quite well in early reviews. Most changed their reviews after launch because of the issues.

badz149602d ago


which was BS! DC was up and running perfectly with online and weather (still the best looking weather effects right now IMO) just over a month after release, not a big deal since there are lots of offline contents to play with. games like BF4 are broken for months, Halo MCC was broken for YEARS, games like GTA5 and RDR2 had their online hold off for a month after release...those games didn't get their score "revisited" to address their issues but reviewers did it for Driveclub which is terribly unfair!

but the early days of this gen was terrible for the PS4 in terms of bias reviewers! remember "no next-gen gameplay" mentioned in many KZSF reviews? and then CoD and almost all other games play exactly like how they used to and every reviewers acted like they did nothing wrong! and then BAAM came RDR2 with its terrible outdated controls and NOBODY (reviewers) even dare to call it as it is and gave their 10/10 APPROVALS anyway!

F these money hatted reviewers and their bias!

Knushwood Butt602d ago


Lol - 'no next gen gameplay', but your point is spot on.

I too got Driveclub at launch, and the challenges dropping in and out while you were playing was annoying but didn't stop me from enjoying the game. Like you said, the situation improved after a couple of weeks. Even so, the haters continued to jump on the game at any possible chance.

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Obscure_Observer602d ago


"The weather effects were also something to behold."

Till this day it´s unmatched!

NarutoFox602d ago

One of my favorite racing games. The graphics was amazing

alb1899602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

It is a mediocre racing game but that's what you got. It is jus a fact that if you have Forza Horizon and Motor Sport you won't be playing that. But hey, you can say WTF YOU WANNA SAY!!! JAJAJAJA!!

dekke601d ago

Forza is arcade... i had Forza Horizon 4 on comp via gamepass and i didnt like it was garbage,,,but ofc u cant argue abt games or music style...

Seraphim602d ago

that sums it up. Rough launch but amazing in the end. I played a ton of it a while back until I got the Platinum. Even now, if I want racing I go ahead and load that up for a night or two. It's really a beautiful game.

DrumBeat602d ago

All this game had going for it was visuals. Races were boring; simple pass-the-guy affairs without nuance. Physics were basically non existent. You didn't feel like you were driving a car; it was a nothing racer. Very pretty water beading and weather effects with nice trees and lakes. Everything else was enthusiastically meh.

Knushwood Butt602d ago

Er, no.

Also, this is the game that got me into drifting in games. I always hated drifting in GT, but in DC it played a major role and I got hooked on it.

I set up many drift challenges, and lots of them developed into very heated battles. Good times.

dekke601d ago

Driveclub is awesome with controller ...but if u try it with Logitech g29 set its unplayable :/

Knushwood Butt601d ago

I have a seat and wheel setup (g29 i think) yet still play DC with a pad...

Knushwood Butt601d ago

Very similar, only I don't have the manual shift attachment and my pedals are far away from the wheel :-)

dekke601d ago

@Knushwood Butt

also PC2 is unplayable with that set ..doesnt respond anything what u do ...GTS and Dirt4 works fine

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gravedigger601d ago

Well deserved! Game had such a great content support. Shame for no Pro support.

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timotim602d ago

Not a lot of first party/exclusive racers this gen from Sony. Other than DC, whos Studio got shut down, the only other on track racer was GTS, which was the lowest rated in the series. Actually, I wouldn't say 10.5M players is staggering when you consider theirs over 90M PS4s in the wild.

theindiearmy602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

Wasn't it also a free PS+ game? A few of the games that are near the top of this trophies video data list are clearly there because they were free PS+ games.

salmonade602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

No it wasnt a PS Plus game.

Dragonscale602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

@salmonade, the ps plus edition released in June 2015.

SierraGuy602d ago

Get your facts straight before speaking.

The_Sage602d ago (Edited 602d ago )


No... It was a demo version.

OffRoadKing601d ago

The full game was never offered on Plus there was a "PS Plus edition".

obidanshinobi601d ago

It was but they lied to us in the marketing before release as too how much of the game would be free to PS+ subscribers .
The whole game was a mess, an utter embarrassment for all involved.

Forza Horizon 2 that released in the same year blows this game apart, so much better in almost every way.

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Skankinruby602d ago

Uhm that's like a 12 percent attach ratio which is fantastic

timotim602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

10.5 million PLAYERS, not 10.5M sold. The attach rate would be much lower...

No where is 12% considered "staggering" either...

badz149602d ago


oohh...where were you when MS announced their player counts? I hope you were as quick to mention "PLAYERS, not SOLD" there too as you did here!

Knushwood Butt602d ago

10.5 million players, 0 rewinds.

salmonade602d ago

"I wouldn't say 10.5M players is staggering"

It's staggering if you compare it to the Xbox player base. They only have a lowly 40 million users.

10.5 IS staggering. The fact that you don't seem to understand that, is truly pathetic. Over on the Xbox you guys gush like fangirls if one of your so-called 'exclusives' manages to sell a Million copies, which hardly ever happens. You can barely get 3 mil players playing one of your fake exclusives at any one time.

timotim602d ago

You are changing the conversation over to install base...that's not what this article is about. Try and stay on track (pun intended).

Yes, Xbox is estimated of having 41 million units sold...and yet FH3 has ALREADY surpassed that 10.5M player stat with HALF the user base. Now THAT is staggering.

chiefJohn117602d ago

Timotim owned you. Plus it was psplus title

IRetrouk602d ago (Edited 602d ago )

The last time Ms mentioned horizon 3 player numbers it was 9 mill, back in June last year, that 9 mill player count also included pc users not just xbox, so please show me where you got the over 10.5 mill number from because I can't find it anywhere. Its been played by more people than any forza or gt this gen, I don't really get the downplay, it's a fun game, I'm playing it now.

Kribwalker602d ago


Over 10 million players, in 2 years, no games with gold version and not on gamepass

IRetrouk602d ago

OK cool, it's a good game that deserves the numbers, but 10 mill is still not over 10.5 is it? And its also not xbox only but pc players as well isn't it? So you jumping to his defence did nothing to change the fact he's still talking out his bum.

Kribwalker602d ago


it’s not driveclub sakes either, just driveclub players