Quantum of Solace on Wii - 10 minutes of video

There's the first ten minutes of the Wii version of Quantum of Solace after the break, and it really doesn't look half bad. It's off-screen, but perfectly watchable.

Game's out this week. See for yourself.

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jorgeanaya0004275d ago

I wish I could hear the game and not that music and there is like no info or videos on this game or COD: WAW for Wii. What is up with Treyarch?

Yoma4275d ago

isn't this last gen graphic?

ChickeyCantor4274d ago

So lets say it is, and now the problem is?
It's not like you are going to buy this game for any system anyway right? right?

morganfell4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Well I have it paid off for the PS3. This thing does look bad, really bad and actually I don't think there is a single excuse for that. If you look at the Gamecube and the Xbox from last gen those two produced some decent looking titles that look better than this. Graphically the Wii is more powerful so where is the excuse. Wait, it's Treyarch. Second, it is now acceptable to produce anything on the Wii regardless of what it looks like. The Wii and that ridiculous balance board gather more dust in my living room than my 360. But that isn't my main issue.

Like any Wii game, and I have several, the aiming mechanism is a joke. That controller is fine for playing Wii Sports tennis but it ruined Metroid Prime and now it is obvious it is ruining this title as well. It is nothing more than a source of frustration and it adds nothing to the immersion of the game.

The autoaim in there, when it functions, is a joke. "Look, even granny can be like Bond!" When it doesn't it is worse. Look what happens when he rounds the corner near that dock. Laughable.

ChickeyCantor4274d ago

" but it ruined Metroid Prime and now it is obvious it is ruining this title as well."

I'm sorry i can't understand you with all that BS coming from my screen.

It ruined it?...Lol Aside from the world compared to metroid prime 1(which was an awesome game) The Wii-controller made the franchise complete.

Now i know it's jst an opinion but saying it ruined the game is a really really stretched.

morganfell4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

BS is your assumption that someone that says something negative about a Wii version isn't planning on purchasing the title on any platform. It is a good thing you didn't toss that flawed assumption at me or I would have knocked it over the centerfield fence.

The aiming mechanism in Metroid Prime 3 did ruin that game. It wasn't the only issue, but it did come off as another promise on the Wii that didn't materialize. The controller in there was inaccurate (like in every Wii game) and all over the screen. It makes precision shooting impossible.

And the fact stands that Nintendo and other developers have seen fit to throw the ugliest, eye stabbing crap into any game, shrug their shoulders and say, "But it's on the Wii!"

Autoaim has been done correctly. Goldeneye and the original PD - and I have both still functioning on an N64 - can be done correctly. This video doesn't demonstrate a similar genius in game design. You can caterwall about that is you wish. Facts are stubborn things. But the Wii version of a game running the COD4 engine on other platforms comes off like the retarded brother that is kept in the neighbor's basement.

PS360WII4274d ago

I'm sorry but I have to call BS as well.

Wii Remote/nunchuck > dual analog for FPS any and every day.

I can agree with the Wii is more powerful then what most devs put out on it and unfortunately nothing can be done other than HVS and hopefully Factor 5 can get other devs to start working on the graphics for the Wii.

morganfell4274d ago

Ha ha that is a joke. Ever wonder why the crosshairs on those games are so big? The nunchuck doesn't have the accuracy or precision of dual analog. Wonder why there is an assisted autoaim in the Wii version? Not as accurate. Keep loving that Wii but take a dose of reality once in a while.

PS360WII4274d ago

You use the Wii Remote as the pointer man. It's as accurate as you can be not how accurate the dual analog will help you out. Immersion is best when it's you who has the most control which is with the Wii Remote.

I seem to be in the reality with this one son.

morganfell4274d ago

Son? What are you, in your 20's maybe? 30's maybe?

There is a reason why Nintendo is attempting to fix the accuracy in the nunchuck.

There is your dose of reality. Nintendo has had a flood of complaints about the waggle. Headshots without assisted aim or balloonheads in Wii games are nigh near impossible. You can get the type of shooting you get titles on other consoles where people are being head shot rapidly. Those are the facts.

PS360WII4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

lol once again the Wii Remote is pointing out your control the motion plus is for motion controls not the IR pointer. That is your dose of reality. Let me guess you feel dual analog is better than mouse and keyboard too?

So stop trying to falsely say that the Wii Remote as a Pointer is using motion control cuz it's not. This isn't me Wii loving this is me owning up to the fact that the Wii Remote and nunchuck combo is better with FPS than with the dual analog. If COD4, Resistance, Killzone, Gears, Halo had the control settings the Wii has but the power they have now they would easily be the best games made.

BattleAxe4274d ago

Some of the Wii's games are looking pretty good.

Captain_Sony4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Morgan has never played a Wii. He doesnt even understand how it works. Keeps confusing IR and motion.. I've seen many fanboys do that very thing. You would think that they could at least look into a little before they go hating. I mean they are so confused about the technology that nobody takes them seriously. It's just a waste of time to hate on something and clearly know nothing about it. BTW Morgan, ALL FPS on PS3 or 360 come with Auto Aim. Always have because it isnt fast enough or accurate enough. I really had a good laugh at some of your comments though. I remember getting head shot after head shot in RE4 Wii and they even removed about 20-30% of the ammo when moving it to Wii because the IR made the game so much easier that the ammo wasnt needed.

morganfell4274d ago


Looks like somebody doesn't like being told the fact that as a gaming rig the Wii is a piece of crap the spews out shovelware like a Kentucky manure spreader. Inferiority is a rough thing to swallow. Here, have a glass of water.

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ChickeyCantor4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

for some reason it reminds me of PD, going for the conduit.

WTF, i never thought i would say this but is it me or does that tree texture in the beginning( he pulls out the gun) look allot like the tree texture of Zelda:OOT?...yes n64?

But overall it looks decent. Still no Golden eye xD

4274d ago
ChickeyCantor4274d ago (Edited 4274d ago )

Where did i say it doesn't look fine,
Read again.

The texture looks allot like the one from OOT and i'm not kidding.
But if you wanna misinterpret it to : it looks bad.
Be my guessed.

now compare to the video ;).

leftbehindxp4274d ago

Yeah the plant looks fine, but look at the water...

Captain_Sony4274d ago

LOL Morgan.. How do you have so many bubbles when you're a troll who pulls up Pre Alpha pics and act as if its the final build when the poor quality video posted here proves your pics are fakes..

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Maxned4274d ago

I asked the video creator several questions and these were his answers:

-12 player multiplayer online
-Exclusive 4 player splitscreen mode
-Customization for controls optional
-Graphics are good
-Cover system is really great, and it works well for wii
-Reason he has it is because it came out in Europe already

BrotherNick4274d ago

I may have to step back from my previous statement. This looks great.

ChickeyCantor4274d ago

I saw some early pictures of this game too and i though wtf are they thinking...but i'm actually susprised how this game looks.

Captain_Sony4274d ago

It looks pretty good for a youtube video. I'll probably end up giving it a rent. If the game sucks in the game play area it isnt going to matter how great the graphics are. For examples see Lair

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