IGN: Avatar: The Last Airbender-- Into the Inferno Review

IGN writes: "For my money, the hardest titles to write reviews for are ones I don't have any strong feelings about; Avatar: The Last Airbender-- Into the Inferno is one of these games. I've played the thing for hours, and I'm searching for stuff to say about it. It didn't suck, but it wasn't great. A few of the puzzles were interesting, but none of them were memorable. The control scheme is just button mashing, but there's a weak analog component.

Basically, this game just exists.

Into the Inferno loosely follows the events of Avatar's Book 3: Fire. Aang's accepted his destiny to take out the Fire Lord, and with the help of his friends, he's making his way to the big bad dude to end things once and for all. Now, if you've never seen this Nickelodeon animated series before and are just jumping into this game, prepare to be completely lost. Into the Inferno is strictly for the devoted followers of Avatar and doesn't bother introducing characters, abilities, or even a solid story. You wake up as Aang and you have to go fight people."

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